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Academic Bursaries

Academic Bursaries

The Air Pilots award several bursaries each year at City University to students already enrolled on one of the three MSc courses as detailed in the following article.

In the 1990s, the Company's Education and Training Committee, and other members of the Company led by Captain John Mason, set about addressing the concerns held about the qualifications needed by professionals to improve their contribution to the management of airlines.  Particularly, they identified a needs in areas such as Air Safety Management and Air Transport Management.

As a result of their initiative, the City University, in conjunction with the Company, set up within the Engineering and Mathematical Sciences Faculty, a Master of Science Degree in Air Transport Management, later followed a degree in Air Safety Management, and then in 2008, a degree in Air Maintenance Management.

The objective is to maintain an acceptable level of safety within the greater commercial competition and increase in passengers which now exists.  All three programmes provide candidates with a body of knowledge and personal research which will enhance the commercial progess and safety management of air transport.

The typical student on these courses will have a number of years of experience in their particular field of aeronautical expertise.  The courses have been tremendously successful both with students worldwide as well as from the UK.  Graduates have moved to position of responsibilility in air safety and air transport management with aviation authorities, within the military, in national and other airlines throughout the world.

All this has been achieved by the hard work of a relatively small faculty of permenant staff based within the City University notably Professor Roger Wootton and Dr Steve Bond.  The course benfits from the expert input of visiting lecturers, a fair number of which are members of the Company.

Since their inception, the courses have been endorsed and supported by the Company.  Originally, the Company provided a single bursary of £2,500 to assist a student who had no other means of support, this was increased to two, and from 2009, several more have been available over all of the three MSc courses.

We can proudly point to a number of extremely successful professionals around the world who have received support through the Company bursaries.  Peter Baske, working with Mission Aviation Fellowship, who now spends his day flying and maintaining his aircraft while carring out humanitarian relief operations.  Determined to improve the quality of service delivered by civilian humanitarian relief organisations, at his own expense he undertook the course leading to the MSc in Air Safety Management.  His final dissertation "Assisting Air Transport in Developing Countries" was so well received by the examiners, that they recommended that it be published.

Professor Marion Wooldridge, Liveryman and Assistant on the Court of the Company, is the principal liaison officer.

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The 2017 academic bursaries have been awarded as follows:

MSc Air Safety Management

Arnfred Hansen and David Streif are both pilots, and both studying for the ASM MSc, but with very different professional roles. Arnfred, a Norwegian, works as a first officer in the countries fixed wing Air Ambulance Service, based at Tromso in the north of Norway. He spent some time in the Royal Norwegian Air Force before deciding to qualify as a pilot, and now combines flying with the development of his own Training Manuals and Theoretical Knowledge Instruction courses. He is also very active in projects developing tenders for national air ambulance contracts, one of the activities for which he believes the MSc will be of great help.

In contrast, David Streif works as a first officer with Lufthansa flying the Airbus A320, prior to which he flew for the associated company Germanwings where he also taught CRM. He was schooled in Canada but trained as a pilot with Lufthansa, and has a keen interest in 'human factors', in which he would like to specialise. He is also passionate about general aviation, having a current PPL including a float plane rating, and would in the future like to find ways of applying his air safety and human factors knowledge gained on the MSc to improving GA safety, as well as learning more about accident investigation.

Malgorzata Wroblewska is Polish and has both an Art History MSc, and a Psychology in Management BSc, from Polish Universities. She started work as Cabin Crew for Whizz Air in 2009 and moved in 2011, also as Cabin Crew, to Quatar Airways. Since 2015 until May this year she combined this role with that of CRM Instructor, as well as commencing the ASM MSc, and in June she was promoted to the full time role of Manager, Human Factors, in the Flight Operations Department. Her major interests are psychology in aviation, including cabin safety, and her aim is to become a world-class specialist in the disciplines of air safety and human factors, especially as applied to cabin crew and passengers. Away from work Malgorzata enjoys modern art and scuba diving.

MSc Air Transport Management

Nuwan Kamaragoda is an engineer now working for Cathay Pacific and taking the ATM MSc. He was brought up initially in Sri Lanka, but began working as an aircraft mechanic in Norwich in 2004; he subsequently obtained both an unrestricted EASA B1 Licence, and in 2011 a BSc with 1st Class honours in Aircraft Engineering.  He also became a British Army Reserve Officer Cadet, passing the Army Commissioning Course at Sandhurst in 2007, becoming a Reserve Officer in the Royal Yeomanry. After obtaining his degree, he was selected for the Airbus Direct Entry Graduate Programme, and has also worked in Jordan before moving to Hong Kong for Cathay. His MSc project will focus on optimising the strategy for the management of ageing aircraft, the direction in which he wishes to take his future career.