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The Master's Medal 2016

Jun 20, 2016

Crest 2015  The Master’s Medal 2016


Major Tim Peake’s return from the International Space Station marks the conclusion of a voyage into space shared with over a million UK schoolchildren and young people. A series of outreach programs across the country co-ordinated by the UK Space Agency have had a massive, inspirational effect in engaging them with the so-called STEM subjects: science, technology, engineering and mathematics, all of which are crucial to our nation’s future, and to the career opportunities of these young people.

In addition to his scientific and technical duties aboard the International Space Station, Tim has dedicated himself throughout the mission to making these subjects come alive as vital, exciting, and relevant through social media, radio link-ups and scientific projects with UK schools.

For his dedication and commitment to the future of our Country’s young people, and for his technical and professional excellence in completing the mission to the International Space Station, Major Tim Peake is awarded The Master’s Medal 2016


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Major Tim Peake Is Awarded The Masters Medal 2016


Notes to Editors:


Major Tim Peake

Great Britain’s first official European Space Agency Astronaut, former Rotary Wing Test Pilot and current Army Air Corps Reserves Officer Major Tim Peake joined the European Space Agency training program in 2009, qualifying as an Astronaut in 2010 and launching into space on Tuesday 15th December 2015.


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