The Honourable Company of Air Pilots incorporating Air Navigators


The Air Pilots' 'Professional' Committees deal with all 'professional' or 'technical' aviation matters.  These are the:

  • The “Aviation Careers & Education Committee” (ACEC) covers “Livery Company” work such as scholarship/bursary selection and management, management of pilot aptitude testing, Livery Schools Link activities, promotion at air fairs, etc., reporting to the Court through the Clerk. This is separate from the ‘technical work’ discussed below.


  • The “Technical Committee” provides the Company with a focal point for and expertise and experience in all aviation technical matters. The full title of Air Pilots Technical Committee is used in any reference to the committee outside the Company; internally, it is referred to as the Technical Committee (TC). The committee has a Chair and two Vice-Chairs and comprise up to 28 members, meeting once every four months at the Company Offices. The Committee is intended to identify issues/matters which the Company should be addressing or about which it should have a view and to facilitate exchange of ideas and views. Any particular matter that requires further or more in-depth consideration is referred to the Coordination Panel (CP) in order for a Working Group (WG) to be instigated which will work to address the particular matter.