The Honourable Company of Air Pilots incorporating Air Navigators

Membership Benefits

The benefits of membership of the Air Pilots are many and various.  To many, it's about being part of a body of aviators that, collectively, can make a positive difference to aviation.  To others, the most important benefit is the social aspect of the Company's programme of events and the opportunity to mix with professional and private pilots alike, of all experience levels and backgrounds, or perhaps it is the professional networking and interaction on a level not otherwise possible in the commercial environment.  Others simply like being able to give something back to a profession or passion that they have benefitted from for many years - and the Air Pilots provides the means of doing that.

Some of the more 'tangible' benefits are:

Air Pilot

Members receive a bi-monthly issue of Air Pilot magazine (formerly titled Guild News). These publications include up to date information on the aviation scene and Company activities.  Electronic versions of Air Pilot are available here.

Professional Visits

Many events are arranged each year where members may meet on professional visits and exchange ideas on aviation matters. All aspects of aviation are covered and full details are sent to members by post.

Access to Advice

The Company has a panel of experts available to give advice on many aviation issues - please click here for further information

Technical Advice

The Company has an extensive Technical Library and the Director of Aviation Affairs, John Turner  can often be of assistance to members seeking aviation advice. In particular the Company seeks to advise the media and to assist and guide their reporting of aviation matters. The first point of contact on media affairs is the Learned Clerk.

Aviation Medical Advice

The Company has several Honorary Medical Advisers who are available to give confidential advice to members. Their experience covers all aspects of aviation.

Legal Advice

The Company has long recognised that its members may, from time to time, need urgent and specialised legal advice in connection with their professional duties as pilots and navigators. This need could arise for example, with a prosecution for an aeronautical offence or an aircraft accident investigation. Although the Company is not in a position to provide free legal advice it has arranged with its Honorary Solicitors to be willing to give free first aid advice in such cases. If further, more detailed advice is required, the Honorary Solicitors will usually be willing to arrange for this to be given at a fee which takes into account, where possible, Air Pilots membership.


The Air Pilots Benevolent Fund is a registered (UK) charity and is available for assistance where appropriate.  Please refer to the Benevolent Fund for further details on requests for assistance, which may be made directly or on behalf of another individual.