The Honourable Company of Air Pilots incorporating Air Navigators

The Derry & Richards Memorial Medal

Awarded to a test pilot who has made an outstanding contribution in advancing the art and science of aviation.


2018 Awarded to: Frank Chapman


Liveryman Frank Chapman has been involved in flight test as an experimental test pilot since completing test pilot training with the French Ecole du Personnel d’Essai et de Reception (EPNER) in 1990.

Frank ChapmanFrank began his aviation career flying with the University Air Squadron whilst studying for a degree in engineering science at Oxford. Following fast jet training he flew both Harriers and F4 Phantoms on operational tours with the Royal Air Force in Germany between 1983 and 1989 before being selected for the French test pilot course. He then spent two years at RAE Farnborough where he was primarily involved in the development of electro-optical systems and Head-up displays, flying the Buccaneer, Jaguar, and Hunter. In 1992 Frank was posted, on exchange with the USAF, to Eglin AFB in Florida where he flew more than 1000 hours in the F-16 on trials including flight envelope expansion and weapon system integration.

In 1997 Frank retired from the Royal Air Force and spent the next six years flying A320s and A330s as an airline pilot with Monarch Airlines. This experience was ideal preparation for the next stage of his career as in 2004 he was recruited by Airbus and joined the flight test team in Toulouse as an experimental test pilot.

Frank was fully established by the time of the first flight of the A380 in 2005, and participated in much of the flight test programme of that aircraft as well as conducting production and development flight tests on all the other Airbus types. Subsequently he was nominated as a project pilot for the A350 and was involved in all aspects of that aircraft’s cockpit development whilst also taking a significant part in the on-going flight test programme of the A400M. In 2013 flight testing of the A350-900 began and Frank was one of the principal pilots, carrying out envelope expansion and handling qualities testing as well as systems development, leading to successful certification and entry into service in 2014. Frank then became the lead pilot for the A350-1000 providing operational input to the development and then conducting the first flight of that aircraft in November 2016. He was a lead pilot throughout the flight testing of the 350-1000 which culminated in the successful certification of the aircraft in 2017 and its entry into service at the beginning of this year.

In addition to his test flying, Frank is also an accomplished display pilot having displayed A350 and A380 at a number of commercial air shows, but also as a regular display pilot of vintage aircraft at the Shuttleworth Collection.

For his dedicated contribution to aircraft design, development, and flight testing, both military and civilian, Frank Chapman is a worthy recipient of the Derry & Richards Memorial Medal.



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