The Honourable Company of Air Pilots incorporating Air Navigators

The Grand Master's Australian Medal

Awarded to an individual, a group or organisation involved in any branch of aviation in the Australian Region or to Australian nationals abroad, who or which has made a meritorious contribution to any aviation activity, either by displaying technical excellence or by the development of a procedure or operational technique of an outstanding nature.


2018 awarded to:  James Eric Thurstan

Jim’s aviation career began in 1955 as an apprentice engineer, this training culminating in the award on graduation of the Arthur Baird Shield as Dux of the Jim ThurstanQantas Technical School. Following qualification on the airframe and engines of the Boeing B707-300, Lockheed L1049 and L188, Jim was posted to Route Stations which was a rare award for a newly graduated engineer! Service throughout the Qantas network saw him gain extensions on the BOAC B707-400 & VC10 and ANZ DC8-52 with his final post being Maintenance Manager Mauritius.

In 1970 he commenced flying as Flight Engineer on the B707, finally retiring as a Senior Check & Training Engineer on the B747. After retirement, he worked as a simulator instructor at Qantas for 6 years. However, in 1993 he became Senior Project Engineer on the Historical Aircraft Restoration Society’s (HARS) Lockheed Super Constellation restoration in Tucson, Arizona. Jim supervised and worked on the aircraft while also co-developing the technical course for the aircrew who would eventually fly the aircraft trans-Pacific and subsequently within Australia. He also qualified and flew as flight engineer on this aircraft.

In 1987, a South Australian replica Fokker VIIb/3m “Southern Cross II” VH-USU was completed and flown to commemorate the inaugural trans-Pacific crossing by the original Southern Cross in 1928. She is the largest reproduction aircraft in the world ad carries the original registration. Unfortunately, in May 2002, the starboard wheel became detached on takeoff and during the subsequent crash landing approximately 3m of the starboard wingtip was broken off. After a series of negotiations for her repair, in 2010 she was trucked to HARS at Illawarra regional Airport and repairs commenced.

Jim Thurstan became the Project Engineer for the aircraft. Under the guidance of Bill Whitney, designer of the SCII, and Captain Bruce Simpson, certifying engineer, Jim has led the team through a complete engineering audit of the aircraft including modification to the tail area and repair of the airframe. The crowning glory has been the repair of the wing to airworthy standard! Using FAA data as best practice, model and prototype repairs to gauge bonding, materials, methods and failure paths, new outer spars were scarfed onto the old wing with attendant manufacture of ribs and re-skinning. Stress testing of the wing with pallets of house-bricks being forked in and positioned by enthusiastic members of the local squadron of Australian Air Force Cadets was completed and in May 2018, the wing was mated with the fuselage.

Throughout this painstaking process, Jim’s leadership, practical approach and exhausting research has enabled an aircraft considered iconic in the history of Australian aviation to once again be capable of taking to the air.

For his innovation and methodology in aircraft engineering Jim Thurstan is awarded the Grand Master’s Australian Medal.


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