The Grand Master's Medal

Awarded to an individual under the age of 30 for outstanding achievement and endeavour in any field of aviation.

(Amended Terms of Reference 2019)


2020 Awarded to: Technical Sergeant Zane Romick USAF


Technical Sergeant Zane Romick is a Special Mission Systems Technician, Quality Assurance Inspector, and an EC-130H Scanner, serving at Detachment 1, 645th Aeronautical Systems Squadron, Waco, Texas.  He led teams of military, civilian, and contractor personnel in sustainment and modification efforts for the EC-130H Compass Call electronic attack aircraft.  Throughout this past year, he made profound contributions to the unit’s assigned programmes by providing a fresh and warfighter-based perspective.  Utilising his recent deployments overseas, he was able to convey real-world priorities and expedite them through the acquisition process.  Earlier this past year, as a Special Mission Systems Technician, he led a 90-member team to analyse the wavelengths of the EC-130H’s Radio Frequency spectrum.  Based off changes to the newly-modified equipment and material, the EC-130H required signal optimization.  Sergeant Romick leveraged his experience toGMs Medal Tech Sgt Zane Romick work with Mission System engineers to analyse and devise new baseline standards for the upgraded systems.  Once the standards were defined, he led a Depot Field Team to retrofit the remaining fleet of aircraft at their home station, under tight time constraints, with many of them poised to deploy around the globe.  His work directly contributed to the EC-130H maintaining its status as the most-utilized electronic warfare aircraft and C-130 variant, with more than 3,000 combat hours in operations overseas. 

Furthermore, as a Quality Assurance Inspector, Sergeant Romick frequently reviewed maintenance manuals for accuracy and efficiency.  Upon analysing an Electronic Warfare Pod upload procedure, utilizing a new equipment stand, he noticed inaccuracies in the processes required for the task.  Sergeant Romick drafted new procedures and coordinated them with all required officials, resulting in enhanced safety of maintenance technicians and a more efficient process for rapid pod maintenance.  His process equated to more than 152 maintenance
man-hours saved each year.  Additionally, Sergeant Romick’s experience was also highly valued as an instructor.  Realizing the newly modified EC-130H systems would require practical operations knowledge and troubleshooting, he was dispatched to instruct 12 maintenance technician cadres over 24 hours of hands-on experience.  The exemplary instruction was then imparted to 100+ technicians throughout the unit that were continually deploying in support of Operation FREEDOM’S SENTINEL.

Finally, Sergeant Romick expanded his resourcefulness by becoming an EC-130H Non-Rated Aircrew Scanner.  As a Scanner, he ensures the safety and effectiveness of the aircraft during test and training flights.  Most recently, Sergeant Romick was able to augment the Airborne Maintenance Technician position during the newly-integrated Automatic Dependent Surveillance – Broadcast system ground and flight test.  Sergeant Romick flew three test missions and led military and civilian ground maintenance teams, during the two-week test deployment.  The impact of this new system greatly enhances aircrew situational awareness and provides precise information to allow de-confliction air traffic in highly-congested airspaces. Sergeant Romick’s efforts led to the successful completion of the test, as well as the certification for integration and use across the EC-130H fleet all around the globe.        

For his outstanding outstanding achievement and endeavour in the field of aeronautics, Technical Sergeant Zane Romick is awarded the Grand Master’s Medal.


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