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The Hanna Trophy

Awarded for an outstanding contribution to the art of display flying of historic, vintage or modern fighter aircraft.


2019 awarded to:  Nigel Lamb

Nigel Lamb was one of the most accomplished and respected pilots on the Red Bull Air Race circuit when he decided to hang up his flying boots after decades in the air display 7 Nigel Lamb Hanna Trophyand competitive aerobatics scene.  Renowned among racing fans for his bright yellow Breitling MXS aeroplane, he became Red Bull Air Race World Champion in 2014. Lamb had previously made a name for himself winning an incredible eight consecutive UK Unlimited aerobatic championships.  He had also firmly established himself as a talented warbird display pilot, flying with the Breitling Fighters as well as the Duxford-based Old Flying Machine Company, a company he first joined in 1993 and with which he travelled to air shows far and wide.

010 Nigel Lamb - HannaFollowing the death of Mark Hanna in 1999, Lamb managed the Breitling Fighters Team for legendary display pilot and Red Arrows founding member Ray Hanna. Among Lamb’s favourite mounts was Hanna’s famous MH434 Mk IX Supermarine Spitfire, which he displayed with typical aplomb, along with the OFMC’s yellow-nosed North American Mustang ‘Ferocious Frankie’.

Born in Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe) Nigel was inspired to take up flying by his father, who was a Royal Air Force fighter pilot in World War II. He first applied to join the Rhodesian Air Force aged just 11 and was finally accepted at 18.  Lamb gained his wings in 1976 and went on to fly jets and helicopters. In 1980 he left the air force as an instructor and moved to England to join an aerobatics team, pestering Philip Meeson until he was finally given a job in the Marlborough team.

Lamb has been a display pilot for over three decades, racking up in excess of 1,770 displays in more than 30 countries.  His flying skills have also featured in several major movie and commercial productions, such as “Dark Blue World”, “Hart’s War”, and “Fly Boys”.  He also organised tours for the Breitling Jet Team through China, Japan, South East Asia, the Middle East and the Mediterranean.

For his more than 30 years of air display flying and dedication to the safe but exciting demonstration of warbirds, conducted at all times with professionalism, Nigel Lamb is awarded the Hanna Trophy, recognising his outstanding contribution to the art of display flying of historic, vintage or modern fighter aircraft.


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