The Honourable Company of Air Pilots incorporating Air Navigators

The Hanna Trophy

Awarded for an outstanding contribution to the art of display flying of historic, vintage or modern fighter aircraft.


2018 awarded to:  Lee Proudfoot


Lee ProudfootLee Proudfoot was taught to fly by his father in the early 80s on the Stampe, Cap 10 and Harvard. His father was an ex RAF Instructor and taught Lee in a very disciplined way, demanding high standards and precision, qualities that have been the hallmark of his flying ever since.  Even before the issue of his PPL in 1986 Lee was showing a particular aptitude and skill for aerobatics and formation flying. What marked him as a special talent for display aerobatics was his totally calm and measured approach with a maturity well beyond his years.

His skill and maturity were recognised very early by the flying display community and consequently Lee first started display flying at air shows in 1988. Further identified as having the capacity and formation skills required Lee was recruited into one of the professional formation teams of that time and he became a professional display pilot in 1991. In this capacity he displayed throughout Europe and Asia.  Being a largely summer profession, during the display closed season he spent 7 very exciting and cold Austral summers flying in the Antarctic as Chief Pilot for the British Antarctic Survey. During the early 1990’s he also started to fly and display vintage aircraft and his flying was quickly Hanna Lee Proudfootrated as outstanding for both content, safety and a sympathetic appreciation for the age of the aircraft. He took a permanent position with the Breitling Fighters formation display team for 4 years flying first the Spitfire and then the Mustang aircraft. This team of four WWII fighter aircraft was recognised as being the exemplar of such display flying. Lee has continued to be a benchmark for display pilots with his modest and measured approach and outstanding skill as a pilot. He has been a CAA Display Evaluator for many years, and there are a multitude of new display pilots who have benefited from his advice and flying instruction in the Harvard and Spitfire. He has displayed many different types of vintage aircraft including various marks of Spitfire, Hurricane, Bearcat, Wildcat, Hellcat, Thunderbolt, Blenheim, Mustang and Lysander. More recently, he was responsible for flying an Islander aircraft in the Austrian aerial action sequence in the Bond Movie ‘Spectre’. While spectacular these sequences were underpinned by Lee’s totally professional approach and his attention to both detail and safety. He has flown more than 12,000 hours in over 60 different types of aircraft. 

On the ground Lee Proudfoot is modest and not given to extravagance in any way, but in the air he displays with precision, flair and passion, qualities that are clearly identified with the Hanna Trophy, of which he is accordingly a very worthy recipient.


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