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The Hugh Gordon-Burge Memorial Award

The Hugh Gordon-Burge Memorial Award

Awarded to a member or members of a crew whose outstanding behaviour and action contributed to the saving of their aircraft or passengers.


2018 awarded to:  Flight Lieutenant Ben Wallis AFC RAF


As the Royal Danish Air Force (RDAF) Merlin Exchange Officer, Flight Lieutenant Ben Wallis was conducting a night instructional conversion course sortie on 16 March 2016 consisting of low level handling, navigation and landings and take-offs from confined areas.  On departure from a confined area within a forest, using 95-100% power and at 30 knots airspeed, the student declared “Safe Twin Engine”, at which point Wallis raised the landing gear and began setting up the navigation equipment and radios for the next phase of the sortie.  At this point the crew heard a loud bang, felt a jolt and the aircraft experienced a sideways yawing moment.  Wallis immediately lowered the landing gear, and as aircraft captain, took positive control from the student, who had been handling the aircraft until that time, and attempted to achieve a safe flying configuration.  The student pilot noted that the aircraft instruments displayed zero power reaching the aircraft rotors and a correspondingly low rotor speed, indicative of a complete and total mechanical failure of the drive to the main Ben Wallis - Cockpitgearbox from all three engines.  Wallis immediately recognised the severity of this catastrophic and terminal emergency and initiated an aggressive flare from only 80 knots and at just 120 feet above the trees. 

These prompt actions had a rapid and likely life-saving effect, increasing the rotor speed from below the minimum emergency limit back to within the normal range.  In addition, Wallis had the capacity and foresight to turn the aircraft to the right in an attempt to land in a clear area, despite being below the minimum altitude at which such a manoeuvre would normally be attempted.  In the final stages of the emergency, he displayed supreme calm and capacity by confirming once again that all three aircraft engines continued to read zero Hugh GordonBurge Wallistorque. With the ground only seconds away Wallis instructed his crew to brace, thereby allowing them to prepare for impact.  At just 30 feet above ground level, he straightened up the aircraft and conducted a full auto-rotative engine-off landing coming to rest on a downward slope after approximately 50 metres.  The Flight Data Recorder indicated that from onset of the failure to wheels down was just 15 seconds. An extraordinary display of airmanship at any time but particularly noteworthy given this critical emergency occurred at night and at low level.

Wallis’ almost immediate and accurate assessment of the situation, its severity and ultimately the terminal nature of events displayed capacity and captaincy of the highest order.  Likewise, his subsequent immediate and correct recovery actions, at night, and with a student pilot in the other seat, displayed exceptional handling skill and leadership under pressure.  Wallis’ considerable flying ability came to the fore in the most challenging of situations.  The fact that this emergency was an extremely rare occurrence, which occurred at night, over difficult terrain, and on an instructional sortie, makes his actions in saving his aircraft and crew truly remarkable.  To have the capacity and skill to take control from his student, from a ‘heads down’ position, diagnose the problem, carry out swift and correct recovery actions, issue a warning to his crew and conduct a safe landing in the space of 15 seconds is truly impressive.  Flight Lieutenant Wallis’ exceptional skill as a pilot, instructor and aircraft captain undoubtedly saved his aircraft and the lives of all the crew.  He is accordingly awarded the Hugh Gordon-Burge Memorial Award.

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