Flying Scholarship Winners 2019

Jul 3, 2019

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Flying Scholarships 2019



Through the enormous generosity of sponsors, benefactors and charitable trusts, a total of eleven Private Pilot Licence Scholarships and sixteen Gliding Scholarships have been awarded for 2019


Private Pilot Licence Scholarships

The Air BP Sterling Scholarship (sponsored by Air BP a leading international aviation fuel products and service supplier) has been awarded to Kristoffer Ahlner.  Kristoffer is about to take his A levels and has applied to study Aeronautical Engineering once he has finished 6th form.  He has been gliding since 2014 and has over 150 hours in his log book.  He will be flying this summer at Stapleford Flight Centre. 

The Grayburn Scholarship (kindly sponsored by Past Master of the Company, Michael Grayburn) was awarded to David Bell.  David has previously been awarded a scholarship from the Air League and is excited to recommence his flying adventures again.  He will be flying this summer at Cambridge Aero Club. 

The Cadogan Scholarship (generously sponsored by the Cadogan Charitable Trust).  The scholarship this year was awarded to John Haile.  John will be joining Kristoffer this year at Stapleford Flight Centre.  John is currently studying for his A levels in Maths, Physics and Business and once these are completed, he intends to apply to Ethiopian Airlines on their sponsored ATPL Course which should lead to an offer of a full-time position with them.

The Sir Sefton Brancker Scholarship (funded by the Air Pilots Benevolent Fund) is awarded to Freddie Bull.  Another keen glider, Freddie has over 140 hours in his log book and achieved his Gliding Instructor Rating age 16 in January 2018, making him the youngest ever flight instructor in Scotland.  He will be undertaking training at Tayside Aviation. 

The TAG Farnborough Airport Scholarship has been awarded to Thomas Ferguson.  Thomas will be completing his PPL at Airfirste, at Blackbushe.  Along with his passion for aviation, Thomas enjoys Clay Shooting with Team GB’s Shotgun Olympic Pathway and represents his Air Cadet Wing.  Thomas hopes to join the RAF and aspires to be a fast jet pilot. 

The Donaldson Scholarship is one of a number of new scholarships for 2019 and has provided sponsorship for Elton Hove.  Elton is currently studying at college for A levels in Maths, Physics and Biology.  Elton will fly this summer at Yorkshire Aero Club, a club he knows well after completing work experience there.

The Squadron Leader Brian Letchford Scholarship also a new scholarship for 2019 has sponsored training for Oliver Summerell.  Oliver applied in 2018 and reached the interview stage, but unfortunately didn’t win one of the scholarships.  Not to be deterred he applied again this year and impressed the selection panel with his ambition and determination to succeed.  He will be flying at Cotswold Aero Club. 

Again, new for 2019 The Wigley Scholarship has sponsored Josh Reid.  Another keen glider, who began instructing age just 17, Josh’s ambitions to become a pilot are strong.  Josh will complete his training at ACS Flight Training in Perth. 

The Lane Burselem Scholarship has sponsored Harvey Dunmore.  Harvey already has a number of hours towards a PPL and is very keen to recommence training.  He will be flying at Eden Flight School in Darlington.  Harvey is currently studying for his A Levels in Mathematics, Further Mathematics, Physics and Computer Science.

Another new sponsor for 2019 is Signature.  Harry Thomas is the recipient of this scholarship and will be flying at Peterborough Flying School.  Harry is hoping to join the RAF once he completes his A Levels.  Harry was lucky enough to be selected and completed the Air Cadet Pilot Scheme in Dundee where his score of 112 out of 117 was the highest of the year.

The Adrian Swire Memorial Foundation has sponsored a PPL scholarship, the winner is Nathan Laurer.  Nathan is currently being mentored on the ORT Jump Programme and is hoping winning this scholarship will get him a step closer to his dream of becoming a short haul pilot for a British Carrier.  Nathan will train at the Flight Training London.


Gliding Scholarships 2019 

This year the Air Pilots Company has awarded 16 Gliding Scholarships all of which are to be taken as week long residential courses.  Four students will attend the London Gliding Club (LGC), Dunstable and 12 students attending Derby & Lancs Gliding Club (D&L), Great Hucklow. 

Virgin Atlantic Scholarship winners are Tahreem Sahare (LCG) and Ronan Graven (LCG).

The Air Pilots Flying Club Gliding Scholarship to Aodan Chislett-Trim (LGC), Rory Smith (LCG), Henry Smith (D&L) and Mansoor Wamala (D&L). 

This year the Air Safety Trust (AST) have sponsored 10 Gliding Scholarships, the winners of which will all attend Derby & Lancs Gliding Club.  The winners of the AST Scholarships are Oliver Dales, Priya Patel, Rikcain Noel, Douglas Lansley, Benjamin Skudder, Tomasz Malcom, James Halliwell, Andrea Troso, Camron Manrique and Oliver Barnby


Three Flight Instructor Scholarship have been funded, the winners of which will be announced later. 




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