Scholarship Winners 2017

Aug 8, 2017

August 2017


After a thorough selection process, including interviews during April 2017, the Honourable Company of Air Pilots are pleased to announce the names of its 2017 Flying Scholarships recipients. Thanks to the generosity of sponsors, benefactors and charitable trusts, a total of eight Private Pilot Licence Scholarships and three Instructor Scholarship have been funded. The company have also awarded eighteen Gliding Scholarships.

Private Pilot Licence Scholarships:

The Air BP Sterling Scholarship (graciously sponsored by Air BP a leading international aviation fuel products and service supplier) has been awarded to Robert Norris.  Robert would like to become an Airline Pilot and has chosen his A Level topics around that career choice.  He hopes to study Aeronautical Engineering before applying for the BA Future Pilot Programme, the Virgin Atlantic Flyers Programme and/or the CTC/CAE Generation easyJet Sponsor ATPL paths.  He will be carrying out his PPL training at Cambridge Aero Club this summer.

The Grayburn Scholarship (kindly sponsored by Past Master of the Company, Michael Grayburn) has been awarded to Liam Bennett,  Liam has had a long passion for aviation and has flown over 114 hours in a glider.  Liam will be taking his PPL course at Booker Aviation and dreams of becoming an Airline Pilot.

The Cadogan Scholarship (generously sponsored by the Cadogan Charitable Trust).  The scholarship this year has been awarded to Samuel Griffith.  Samuel has recently completed his A levels and hopes to become a pilot in the RAF.  Samuel will carry out his PPL training at Shobdon Areo Club in Hertford, where he previously trained as an Assistant Air Traffic Controller and now works there 2 days a month assisting in this role.

The Sir Sefton Brancker Scholarship (funded by the Air Pilots Benevolent Fund) is awarded to Ben Rourke.  Ben has an ambition to become a commercial pilot by either securing sponsorship or undertaling the modular flight training.  Ben is currently writing a book about his journey to becoming an Airline Pilot and plans to publish the book as soon as he achieves his first solo flight.  Ben will be spending this summer flying with Crowsfield Aviation to attain his Private Pilot Licence.

TAG Farnborough Airport Scholarship has been awarded to Leo Tang.   Leo currently works at NATS as a data analysis and reporting for Air Traffic Control Resources.  Another keen Glider he has over 30 hours experience.  In the future he would like to gain his instrument rating so he can teach others and inspire the younger generation to become involved in aviation.  He will be training at Phoenix Avation.

The Jackson Scholarship is a new Scholarship for 2017 (kindly sponsored by Company member Alan Jackson) and awarded to Melissa Brooks.  Melissa is currently studying A levels in Maths, Further Maths, Physics, chemistry and German and hopes to study Aeronautical Engineering at a Russell Group University.  Melissa was recently promoted to Sergeant and was nominated for Essex Air Cadet of the year and she received the position of Deputy Lord Lieutenant’s Cadet.

The Air Pilots Benevolent Fund has sponsored Jonathan Bradford this year who is Flying at Tayside Aviation.  He plans to leave school in 2017 with the objective of becoming an Airline Pilot.  He is planning to apply for the BSc(Hons) course at Tayside Aviation/Middlesex University which commences in April 2018.  He is an experienced Glider with over 50 hours experience.  

The Air Pilots Benevolent Fund has also sponsored a further scholarship this year, awarded to Stanley Sparling.  Stanley is flying at Aeros, Gloucester.  Stanley would like to purse a career as an Airline Pilot, and hopes to enrol on the CAE Oxford Aviation Academy Generation easyJet programme via the MPL Route or the integrated ATPL route.  Stanley was recently promoted to a Flight Sergeant in the ATC.

Flight Instructor Scholarships 2017:

The Swire Scholarship (generously sponsored by one of the Swire charities).  The winner of this award for 2017 is Thomas Martin and will be taking his course with Pooleys FIS.  Thomas has a love for the aviation industry working within it for the passed 7 years in different roles.  He hopes that his passion for the industry along with his approachable attitude will help him to become a successful instructor.

The Norman Motley Scholarship (sponsored by the Air Pilots Trust) was awarded to Sarah Evans Boyd, who will be training at Central Flight Training.  Sarah is currently working as a teacher and was recently promoted to Head of Science.  She hopes her experience as a teacher and her love of aviation can come together as she qualifies to become a Flight Instructor.

The Foyle Scholarship is awarded to Mark Palmer and will be the second scholarship winner to complete their training at Andrewsfield Aviation this year.  He has a masters degree in Manufaturing Engineering and currently serves in the Royal Engineers within the British Army.  His long term plans are to become a flight instructor and eventually an examiner.

Gliding Scholarships 2017:

This year we have awarded 18 Gliding Scholarships all of which will be taken as week long residential course.  4 Students will attend London Gliding Club in Dunstable, 8 Students will attend Derby & Lancs Gliding Club with the remaining 6 going to Portsmouth Naval Gliding Club in Lee on the Solent.

Virgin Atlantic Scholarship Winners are:

William Harrison Rumbsy  -  William has just finished school and hopes to achieve 11 GCSE’s  with Grades A to B.  He currently works for the Hampshire F.A as a Level 8 referee.  Will hasn’t flown in a glider but has has a number of flight experiences in a fixed wing aircraft.

Maria Mangera-Willeke – Maria is currently working towards obtaining her GCSE’s.  She has already achieved and A* in German and an A in Science.  Maria is a keen cyclist and in year 9 she completed the London to Brighton bike ride and is currently training to complete the London to Paris bike ride.

Two further gliding scholarships were awarded by the ‘Eric Winkle’ Brown Trust:

Savannah Gill is currently studying for her A Levels in Maths, Chemisty, Physics and History.  Her ambition is to follow in her Grandfathers footsteps and become a commercial pilot.  She has a passion for flying and also the theory behind the aerodynamics of planes and gliders, and having had experience in a powered aircraft is excited to try her hand at gliding.

Lauren Smith’s passion for Gliding came in 2004 when she had an experience whilst being a member of her local Air Cadets.  She then became a parent at a young age and had to put her family first.  Now that her children are older, Lauren is looking forward to experiencing Gliding once more at Derby & Lancs Gliding Club.

The Air Pilots Flying Club Gliding Scholarships 2017

Myles Rosario Richards has recently been nominated for the Jock Petchy Award for outstanding service and commitment to the Air Cadet Organisation.  In 2016 he collected at Wembley for the Poppy Appeal and helped raise over £2000.  Myles will be gliding at London Gliding Club over the summer.

Harry Langcaster is working towards a career with the RAF.  He has had a numbered of powered flight experiences but after reading the Theory of Gliding he has become very excited about the opportunity to fly in a glider.  He was recently put in charge of the DoE Naviagation Team and delivered a successful team effort.

Joshua Lynton Clegg has had a passion for aviation for a young age and this encouraged him to join the ATC.  His dream is to have a full time career in the RAF following in the footsteps of his Grandad, who was a Group Captain.  Joshua will be attending Derby & Lancs Gliding Club.

Air Pilots London School Scholarship 2017:

Avishka Nayanjith was awarded the Air Pilots London School Scholarship.  He hopes one day to become a commercial pilot.  He wants to gain as much experience in aviation and flying to help that dream become reality.  He will carry out his course at Derby & Lancs Gliding Club.

Paul Nicholas Scholarship

Nichola Matthews is currently studying for A Levels Biology, History, Chemistry and Maths and hopes to become a paramedic.  As an active member of her local Air Cadets she gets involved in Parade Nights twice a week and full time during camps and supervises up to 20 Cadets at a time.

Matthew Amesbury from a young age was passionate about Aviation, and has a life long dream to become a Captain for British Airways.  He is working hard to achieve that deam and was recently selected to take part in the Seren Group, which is a Welsh Government Network to to support high achievers.  

This year the Air Safety Trust have sponsored a further 8 Scholarships.

William Peter Flynn will be spending the week gliding at Portsmouth Naval Gliding Club.  He is currently studying for A Levels in Biology, Maths and Chemistry. During the summer 2016, William travelled to Borneo where he helped to build a nursery, paint a school and plant trees.  He managed to raise £4000 through part time work and sponsorship to fund the trip.

Joseph Wildman has a keen interest in aviation and would love to be either a commercial pilot or join the RAF.  He has had a couple of air experiences whilst with the Air Cadetts and is very much looking forward to his week at PNGC.

Patrick Martin will be gliding this summer at Derby & Lancs.  He’s had previous experience in a Grob Tutor through the Air Cadets and is very keen to get up in a glider this summer.

Stephen Daly has had experience in flying a powered craft, however is extreamly excited about the opportunity to fly a glider.  The thought of using nature to be airborn is something that really appeals to Stephen.  At 16, he built a fixed wing drone and through sheer detemination he as able to gain sponsorship from GECAS into an academy.  

James Blackbourn has had experience in both powered aircraft and gliding, but finds the task of flying a glider more challenging.  James has a real passion for all outdoor activies and has recently led a Gold DofE team to Snowdon and navigated them back to safety in poor weather conditions.  He love for the outdoors has taken him around the world and gave him many exciting experiences.

Oliver Williams is hoping to study Aeronautical Engineering at university and is currently studying for his GCSE’s.  He has lined up work experience this July at Airbus at Filton and is assigned to the Wing Department.  This work experience will leave to a Cadet Silver Award.

Holly Bicknell is currently studing for her GCSE’s and has a Master Cadet classification in the Air Cadets which will conver to a BTEC in Avation Studies.  She dreams of joining the RAF after A levels and is working hard to achieve that goal.  Holly also worked as a volunteer at Raptor Foundation where she cared for Raptor Birds, Meerkats and Reptiles.  She also helped in training birds for disply flights.

Zineddine Bouilouta is currently studing for A levels in Physics, Maths and Geography. He carried he his work experience at Etihad Airways in 2016 and thoroughly enjoyed his time working along side the team at Heathrow Airport.  Zineddine will be gliding this summer at Derby & Lancs Gliding Club.

In addition, bursaries for the Continued Professional Development of current Flying Instructors remain available throughout the year and applicants are invited to look at the Company website for further information:


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