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North America

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The North American Region was originally established in 2009 with Canadian members forming the Region.  On 1st October 2010, the Region was expanded to take in all those overseas members of the Air Pilots resident in the United States of America; thus forming one North America Region, now called The Honourable Company of Air Pilots (North America).


The Regional Mission Statement

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The North America Region is a collaborative body of experienced commercial and military pilots and navigators, private pilots and student pilots, the mission of which is to:
- Promote the highest standards of airmanship and aviation safety
- Actively consult and liaise with civil and military regulatory authorities, aerospace industries and training institutions on matters of good airmanship and evolving technologies
- Share the knowledge and experience of members across North America and the world


The Regional Executive Committee


Captain Alistair Beaton, Chairman
Ms Kathy Abbott
Mr. Hal Adams
BGen (R) Michael Atkins
Mr Jonathan Dugdale
Ms Donna Farquhar, Administrator
Mr. Christopher Freeze
Captain Simon Lawrence
LColonel (R) James Routt
Captain Brian Shaw

Ex Officio Members:
Mr. Peter Evans
Capt. William Pinney
Dr. Steve Stewart
Captain John Cox
Mr Jeremy Tracy
LColonel (R) Kent Johnson
Commander USN (R) Patricia Beckman

Media Representative:

For USA -- Captain John Cox Tel: + 1 727-515-1061
For Canada -- HCAP Administrator




Membership Application can be obtained through the Membership Tab or contact the Administrator   The application form for membership for those resident in North America differs from the form available from head office, London. 

Alternatively, write to:

Donna Farquhar
The Honourable Company of Air Pilots (North America)
PO Box 31040 RPO Thunderbird
Langley, BC 
Canada  V1M 0A9

Tel: (778) 242-7019


The Air Pilots in North America joins the Fight Safety Foundation in supporting the Royal Aeronautical Society efforts to address in-flight fire issues in aircraft.   Further details 


The Master's Trophy - North American Region 2020

Award Criteria:

The Master's North American Trophy is awarded annually to companies or individual pilots who have, in the opinion of the committee, achieved excellence in their field.  The award would favour flying/technology that is predominantly North American in character e.g. Fire Fighting, Seaplane Operations, Bush Flying, Safety, and Aviation Technology.

To nominate for this award, send citation of 400 words outlining achievements, all contact details, etc., along with your own, to arrive no later than 15 June to North American Region office email of



Information about Air Pilots (North America) Affiliates can be found here



Events and Visits in the UK


Information about Company events and visits in the UK can be found at this link. You will need to use your membership password to access these pages. If you experience any difficulties, please contact your regional administrator or the office in London on