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Air Pilots support APPG-GA

Mar 29, 2018

The Air Pilots support the All Party Parliamentary Group – General Aviation (APPG-GA)  which has the following message: 

General Aviation has been under considerable pressure in recent years; not least through the nation’s precious airfields being closed for other development. Given that General Aviation supports tens of thousands of high-tech jobs and growth in the UK, from training through business aviation, we want you to help - and now the perfect opportunity has arisen. I mentioned this briefly in the last update sent to you.

The Government has just released its draft revised national planning policy. It’s called the National Planning Policy Framework, or NPPF. And thanks to the APPG on GA (and many other organisations), they have included a new paragraph to specifically recognise General Aviation Airfields for the first time ever.

This is very good news… but it doesn’t go far enough!

That’s why we are proposing four further small tweaks. You’ll find them on our website at - if you agree simply add your name and address and submit the proposed NPPF changes which could provide a massive boost to UK GA. We will automatically forward these onto the consultation the Government are undertaking.

Your support right now would be hugely appreciated by thousands involved in Aviation. Remember without General Aviation our overall Aviation Sector can’t survive and we will lose £60 billion a year from the UK economy.

P.S. If you care about General Aviation, go ahead and give us 60-seconds of your time by completing this consultation response