Academic Bursaries

Academic Bursaries at City University

Principal Liaison Officer:  Liveryman Clive Rose

The Air Pilots Company awards several bursaries each year at City University to students already enrolled on one of the three Aviation MSc courses.

All three programmes provide candidates with a body of knowledge and personal research which will enhance the commercial and safety management of air transport.

The typical student on these courses will have a number of years of experience in their particular field of aeronautical expertise.  The courses have been tremendously successful both with students worldwide as well as from the UK.  Graduates have moved to positions of responsibility in air safety and air transport management with aviation authorities, within the military, in national and other airlines throughout the world.

Since their inception, the courses have been endorsed and supported by the Company.  Originally, the Company provided a single bursary to assist a student who had no other means of support, and in recent years, bursaries have been available each year on all the three MSc courses.

We can proudly point to a number of extremely successful professionals around the world who have received support through the Company bursaries.  Peter Baske, working with Mission Aviation Fellowship, who now spends his day flying and maintaining his aircraft while carring out humanitarian relief operations.  Determined to improve the quality of service delivered by civilian humanitarian relief organisations, at his own expense he undertook the course leading to the MSc in Air Safety Management.  His final dissertation "Assisting Air Transport in Developing Countries" was so well received by the examiners, that they recommended that it be published.

Please see the following video link about the Company and the bursary programme:



Academic Bursaries 2020


Three awards were made to Afsheen Faiz, Rami Sleem and. Gary McAllister.


Afsheen FaizAfsheen Faiz is an Assistant Director, Air Traffic Services for the Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority.  She is studying for the MSc in Air Safety Management having previously gained a BSc(Hons) in Management and Marketing at Manchester University.  Of note, she gained a special commendation for her handling of an armed attack on Jinnah International Airport.  Afsheen has a clear understanding of the limited resources of the Pakistan Authorities, and is determined within these constraints to prioritise safety investments and increase safety to the greatest possible extent.




Rami SleemRami Sleem is a Quality Systems Engineer for MASCO – Middle East Airlines, Beirut and  also an instructor in training policy and regulations. He is studying for the MSc in Air Transport Management having previously obtained a degree in Industrial Engineering at the Lebanese American University and studied Systems Engineering Management at University College London. Rami’s ambition is to become CEO of an airline and to this end he is taking modules in Airline Operational Regulatory Compliance, Safety Risk Management and Airline Strategy and Business Planning.



Gary McAllisterGary McAllister is a Shift Leader and Engineer with Jet2 responsible for maintaining airworthiness of company aircraft.  Gary is studying for the MSc in Aircraft Maintenance Management. He believes that undertaking this course has significantly altered the direction of his intended career path. Previously intent on progressing within the engineering and maintenance fields, he now sees a much wider array of possible roles and would ideally like to take a leadership role in the research and production of new aircraft using sustainable technologies leading to lower emissions and costs.