Academic Bursaries at City University

Principal Liaison Officer:  Liveryman Clive Rose

The Air Pilots Company awards several bursaries each year at City University to students already enrolled on one of the four Aviation MSc courses - Air Transport Management, Air Safety Management, Aircraft Maintenance Management and Airport Management.

These programmes provide candidates with a body of knowledge and personal research which will enhance the commercial and safety management of air transport.

The typical student on these courses will have a number of years of experience in their particular field of aeronautical expertise.  The courses have been successful with students from around the world.  Graduates have moved to positions of responsibility in air safety and air transport management with aviation authorities, within the military and in national and international airlines.

This video link from 2014 give more detail about the Company and the bursary programme

Academic Bursaries 2021

Applications were invited in February 2021 with entries to be submitted towards the end of May. Candidates were required to provide a CV and two essays, each of 500 words on the following subjects:

(a)  The Commercial Air Transport Industry has suffered probably more than any other from the restrictions imposed around the world to reduce the spread of Covid 19. The recovery, when it comes, will demand agile and skilful management. Explain what position you seek to attain in aviation and how the Knowledge Skills and Attitudes you will develop through this MSc course will help you meet those challenges in your preferred position.

(b)  The emphasis in air transport management today is on cost reduction and control. How can this be reconciled with safety management?

The selection panel consisted of Clive Rose (Chairman), Master Elect Robin Keegan, Captain Rick Thomas, Elizabeth Walkinshaw and Samantha Waller and interviews were conducted via Zoom.

Awards were made to Benjamin Ward, Kyla Fellner and Philip Bird

Philip Bird

Philip Bird served in the Royal Air Force from 2005 to 2018.  He was variously a Tornado front line pilot, a Hawk display pilot, Typhoon pilot and head of flight operations in the Falkland Islands.  He was an instructor and examiner on the Typhoon.  Since 2018 he has been first officer on the B747-8 for a cargo line.

In 2019 Philip launched his own business Jet Pathway, an airline recruitment business with an emphasis on supporting and developing British Pilots through selection procedures.  His ambition, which will be enhanced by successful completion of his MSc in Air Transport Management, is to transfer his flying and management skills acquired in the RAF to become a Director of Flight Operations or Head of Training at a major airline.

Kyla Fellner

Kyla Fellner gained her ATPL between 2008 and 2011, and her instructor rating in 2011.  She currently  works for Etihad Aviation Training in the UAE, providing instruction from ab initio to ATPL level.  She has amassed almost 5,000 hours in single and multi-engine training aircraft.

Kyla is taking the MSc course in Air Safety Management which she intends will enable her to instil in trainee pilots the habit of prioritising safety in every aspect of flight and planning.

In her essay on cost reduction versus safety she identified a number of less obvious areas where safety could be compromised. For example sending crew to cheaper hotels further from the airport increases travel time and reduces rest time. Reducing turnaround time increases stress and makes mistakes more likely.

Benjamin Ward

Benjamin Ward is a Captain with Easyjet based in Majorca, flying to many European destinations.

He is taking the MSc in Air Safety Management and aspires to join his airline’s Safety Management Team.  He feels that job insecurity in the industry may make employees less likely to report problems such as sickness or fatigue and when the volumes start to re-build, additional stresses will be felt.  It will be up to the Safety Management team to anticipate these potential problems and take appropriate measures.

In addition to flying, Ben is a keen scuba diver and a Pyrotechnician responsible for operating professional firework displays.