The Brackley Memorial Trophy

Awarded to an individual, a complete aircraft crew, or an organisation, for an outstanding contribution to air transport or transport aircraft operations.
(amended Terms of Reference 2019)

2022 Awarded to:  Squadron Leader Richard Waller RAF

While the civilian airline industry has transitioned to Electronic Flight Bags, the RAF Air Mobility Force has hitherto relied on paper products to support its fleet. Having returned to the RAF from a civilian flying career, Sqn Ldr Waller recognised that not only did that approach limit agility, but there was also considerable cost involved in the continued production of paper products, in addition to the environmental impact associated with significant use of consumable resources.

WALLER RichardDespite the prevalence of tablet-based solutions in the aviation community, the regulatory structure associated with military operations had not adapted to make the adoption of Electronic Flight Bags a simple evolution. Nonetheless, Sqn Ldr Waller was not deterred and became the unequivocal expert in the process required to clear both required devices and associated software, expertly navigating numerous challenges that presented themselves along the way. Those challenges also extended to identifying funding opportunities, along with running the competition to select a software provider and sourcing mounting solutions for the cockpits of C130J, C17 and C1 Atlas aircraft. Furthermore, Sqn Ldr Waller also organised and supported all trials work, in addition to developing consequent submissions that resulted in the acceptance of this new and vital capability. Those endeavours resulted in the ability to dynamically update critical flight information publications to allow crews to plan when dislocated from traditional flight planning facilities, which will not only boost flexibility and operational agility, but will also benefit quality of life for crews who frequently spend weeks away from their homes and families.

The Electronic Flight Bag capability represents the future of military aviation information management; Sqn Ldr Waller not only recognised that but has also ensured that the Air Mobility Force will be in the vanguard for delivery to the wider RAF, with his expertise subsequently being recognised by the F35B and Typhoon communities. His initiative and leadership have been exceptional, and he is wholly deserving of formal recognition for his contribution to the Air Mobility Force and the wider utility that this work will offer to ‘UK Defence’.  He is accordingly awarded the Brackley Memorial Trophy.



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