The Honourable Company of Air Pilots incorporating Air Navigators



We welcome any pilot of any background as a member


Membership Application Form


A professional pilot or navigator, military, civil or test pilot, with five or more years experience.

A professional unmanned air system pilot/operator/commander exercising a National Authority (or equivalent) approval to operate air vehicles of greater than 150kg maximum take-off weight beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS) for five or more years.

Similar qualifications as above, but with less than five years experience

OR a private pilot with two years experience and a minimum of 75 hours

OR any other person who, in the opinion of Court, has rendered or may render outstanding service to the profession or to the Company

A person engaged in training as a professional, private or military pilot

OR the holder of a PPL or equivalent with less than two years experience

OR a person under 35 years of age, irrespective of flying experience - this is to permit those aged under 35 who may wish to be included in the Young Air Pilots group to join as Associates (even if qualified to join as Freemen or Upper Freemen)

NB for all categories, equivalent experience in a glider, hang glider, balloon, microlight or airship is acceptable.


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All applicants aged under 35 are automatically eligible for membership of the Young Air Pilots irrespective of their membership grade.



Please note: Potential members who are resident in Australia, Hong Kong, New Zealand, or North America are directed to the International Air Pilots section of this site. The Australian, Hong Kong, New Zealand and North America regional forms are slightly different and must be returned, in the first instance, to the appropriate regional administration centre which will then forward applications to London.


Fees for membership through the Australian, Hong Kong, New Zealand and North America regions are payable locally.  Fees for other overseas areas and UK are payable through the London office and are outlined on the membership application form. Fees for those professionally engaged in aviation may be eligible to be offset against taxed income as the Company is a recognised Professional Body.


Membership benefits

To many the benefits are about being part of a body of aviators that, collectively, can make a positive difference to aviation.  To others, the most important benefit is the social aspect of the Company's programme of events and the opportunity to mix with professional and private pilots alike, of all experience levels and backgrounds, or the professional networking and interaction on a level not otherwise possible in the commercial environment.  Others simply like being able to give something back to a profession or passion that they have benefitted from for many years.

Some of the more 'tangible' benefits are:

Air Pilot
Members receive a bi-monthly issue of Air Pilot magazine. These publications include up to date information on the aviation scene and Company activities.  Electronic versions of Air Pilot are available here.

Professional Visits and Social Events
Many events are arranged each year which are open to application for all members.

Technical Advice
The Director of Aviation Affairs (DAA) Paul Stone can often be of assistance to members seeking aviation advice.

Aviation Medical Advice
The Company has several Honorary Medical Advisers who are available to give confidential advice to members.

Legal Advice
The Company has arranged with its Honorary Solicitors to be willing to give free first aid advice.

The Air Pilots Benevolent Fund is a registered (UK) charity and is available for assistance where appropriate.


Membership Application Forms