Flying Scholarship Winners 2019

Private Pilot Licence Scholarships

The Air BP Sterling Scholarship -  Kristoff Alhner 

The Grayburn Scholarship - David Bell. 

The Cadogan Scholarship -  John Haile

The Sir Sefton Brancker Scholarship - Freddie Bull

The TAG Farnborough Airport Scholarship - Thomas Ferguson

The Donaldson Scholarship - Elton Hove

The Squadron Leader Brian Letchford Scholarship -  Oliver Summerell

The Wigley Scholarship - Josh Reid

The Lane Burslem Scholarship -  Harvey Dunmore

The Signature Scholarship  -  Harry Thomas


Elton HoveElton Hove was the winner of the John Landymore Trophy and was presented with his certificate at the Trophies and Awards Banquet held in Guildhall London in October 2019. Elton is pictured with the Chief of the Air Staff Air Chief Marshal Michael Wigston and the Master Malcolm White.

Flight Instructor Certificate Scholarships

The Swire Scholarship for 2019 was awarded to Liam Bennet.  Liam was awarded a PPL Scholarship back in 2017 and wants to continue his aviation career through instructing.  He is an active company member and sits on the interview panel for the Gliding Scholarships. He is currently training with Booker Avaition.

The Foyle Scholarship was awarded to Roy Targonski.  His passion for aviation speaks for itself with him gaining his PPL back in 1969 and continuing flying throughout his career in engineering. Roy has now retired and can’t wait to become an instructor.  Roy will fly out of Air Midwest.

The Norman Motley Scholarship was awarded to Stuart Lay.  Stuart began his aviation based career back in 1985 when he joined the RAF as an engineer.  He went on to get his PPL in 2007.  Stuart will train this year at Blackbushe Aviation. 

Gliding Scholarships

Virgin Atlantic Scholarship winners are Tahreem Sahare (LCG) and Ronan Graven (LCG).

The Air Pilots Flying Club Gliding Scholarship to  Aodan Chislett-Trim  (LGC), Rory Smith   (LCG),  Henry Smith  (D&L) 

The Air Pilots Trust  Gliding Scholarship to  Mansoor Wamala (D&L).

The Air Safety Trust (AST) have sponsored 10 Gliding Scholarships, the winners of which will all attend Derby & Lancs Gliding Club.  The winners of the AST Scholarships are  Oliver Dales,   Priya Patel, Rikcain Noel , Douglas Lansley, Benjamin Skudder, Tomasz Malcom , James Halliwell, Andrea Troso, Camron Manrique and  Oliver Barnby .


London Gliding Club (LGC), Dunstable and Derby & Lancs Gliding Club (D&L), Great Hucklow