Scholarship Winners 2022

Oct 17, 2022

Air Pilots Company Flying Scholarships 2022

Thanks to the generosity of sponsors, benefactors and charitable trusts, a total of ten Private Pilot Licence Scholarships and three Instructor Scholarship have been funded during 2022. The Company also awarded twenty five Gliding Scholarships.


Private Pilot Licence Scholarships

The Air BP Sterling Scholarship (sponsored by Air BP a leading international aviation fuel products and service supplier) was awarded to Elise Hammond.   Elise flew this summer at Blackbushe Aviation.  

The Grayburn Scholarship (kindly sponsored by Past Master of the Company, Michael Grayburn) was awarded to Bradley Hildreath.  He spent the summer at Redhill Aviation.

The Cadogan Scholarship (generously sponsored by the Cadogan Charitable Trust).  The scholarship this year was awarded to Zak Wolfson.  Zak flew with Flight Training London. 

The Donaldson Scholarship (kindly donated by Captain Colin Donaldson) sponsored Maleha Khan.  Maleha flew with Pheonix Aviation on the South coast.

The Air Pilots Trust sponsored the Sir Sefton Brancker Scholarship this year and this was awarded to Robert Harris who flew out of Eden Flight School, Darlington. 

The Air Pilots Benevoulent Fund sponsored Tilly Watts who trained with BAE Flying Club, Blackpool.

The Richard Breakspear Scholarship was awarded to Jacob Nelson who spent the summer at Blackbushe Aviation. 

BALPA Benevolent Fund very kindly sponsored three Scholarships:

The Wigley Scholarship sponsored Grace Kripgans who flew out of POM Flying Club. 

The Lane Burselem Scholarship has sponsored William Cooper.  Will spent the summer flying with Alex Air in Aberdeenshire.

The Bob Dawson Schoalrship sponsored Phoebe Buckley who flew at Hull Aero Club. 


Flight Instructor Scholarships 2022

Three FI scholarships were awarded:

The Swire Scholarship was awarded to Shujaa Imran, who completed his scholarship at Leciester Areo Club.

The Normal Motley Scholarship was awarded to Frazer Conway.  Frazer trained at Central Flight Training.

Past Master Dorothy Saul Pooley kindly sponsored Mark Greenwood who trained at White Waltham.


Gliding Scholarships 2022:

This year the Company awarded 28 Gliding Scholarships to be taken as week long residential courses.  Unfortunately three students were unable to procede, but 25 attended their allocated club.  Four students attended Cambridge Gliding Club, 11 students attended Derby & Lancs Gliding Club whilst 8 headed to Portsmouth Naval Glding Club.  We also welcomed Midland Gliding Club as a new partnership and they hosted four of our students. 

The Air Pilots Flying Club Gliding Scholarships were awarded to Jack Hinckey-Welsh, Anna Tansey, Sarah O’Connell, Nigel Desi-Nelson and Abbie Haylock.

Air BP sponsored Rowshon Chowdhury. Air BP have for many years sponsored a PPL and this year added a Gliding Scholarship to their generous donations. 

The Companies' two charities the Air Pilots Trust and The Air Safety Trust sponsorships were awarded to Owasi Kiyani, George Annaki, Aliza McKee and Rohit Kumar.

Two new sponsors came forward in 2022:

Pooleys who sponsored Alex Heirbaut Kitteridge and the AFG who sponsored Veronica Mormol and Sami Akhtar.

Twelve scholarships were sponsored by The Duke Estate, awarded to Patrycja Kolodziejczyk, Luca Kulaz, Tyler Oxley, Alex Day, Khalid Abdulghani, Cooper Jones, Josephine Riani, Oliver Perkins, Thomas Fairclough, Oliver Pohl, Max Walton and Jade Langdon.




For further information please contact the Honourable Company of Air Pilots at:


Ben Griffiths:

Air Pilots Office +44 (0)20 7404 4032



Notes to editors:


1. The Honourable Company of Air Pilots

The Air Pilots was established as the Guild of Air Pilots and Air Navigators in 1929. It is based in London but has an internationally based membership of professional and private pilots. The principal activities of the organisation are centred on developing action and activities to ensure that aircraft are piloted and navigated safely by aviators who are highly competent, self-reliant, dependable and respected. 

2.The Air Pilots support the education and training of pilots from the initial instruction of young pilots to specialist training at the highest levels. Through its charitable activities, education and training, technical committees, aircrew selection, scholarships and sponsorships, advice and recognition of the achievements of fellow aviators worldwide, the Honourable Company keeps itself at the forefront of the aviation world.

3. The Air Pilots also provides expert, impartial input to regulators, government and media on areas including aviation and the environment, airport capacity in south east England, aircrew flight time limitations and the maintenance of piloting skills in increasingly automated aircraft. Air Pilots experts are also available to all media on request, to ensure accurate and fully informed reporting of any aviation events. If you need our assistance, please contact us on the numbers or e-mail addresses above.