The Honourable Company of Air Pilots incorporating Air Navigators

The Trophies & Awards Committee


Commodore Chris Palmer CBE RN

Group Captain Tom Eeles
Captain Clive Elton  (Past Master)
Squadron Leader Nick Goodwyn (Master)
Mr Ben Griffiths
Captain John Hutchinson  (Past Master)
Mr James Martin CBE
Air Commodore Rick Peacock-Edwards CBE  (Past Master)
Mr Keith Reid
Dorothy Saul-Pooley  (Past Master)
Air Marshal Cliff Spink CB CBE (Past Master)
Mr John Turner

In addition to these appointed members, the Master and the Clerk are ex-officio members of the Committee

The Honourable Company of Air Pilots presents aviation industry awards each year to mark achievement and excellence within the industry. These prestigious awards are presented in Guildhall, London (usually) by a member of the Royal Family or The Rt Hon The Lord Mayor and in the presence of up to 700 individuals involved in aviation.

A copy of the terms of reference of each award can be found here. You will see that they cover a broad spectrum of achievement within the ‘industry’ from individual to corporate, both civil and military. The awards are important and distinctive because they recognise achievement which may otherwise not fit the criteria for a national award (honours list etc) and therefore remain unrecognised by the industry and public alike. 

These awards serve a useful and high-profile public relations purpose to the benefit of all in aviation. They help to maintain the deservedly high esteem in which aviation as an industry and profession is held by the public at large.  I ask that you help the Air Pilots to fulfil that aim.

The Company also awards Master Air Pilot and Master Air Navigator and Master Rearcrew Certificates throughout the year in recognition of long and distinguished professional aircrew achievement.  Please click on the blue link to access more information about the scheme and obtain the application forms for the MAP, MAN and MRC awards.