Master Air Pilot, Master Air Navigator, Master Rearcrew Certificates

These certificates are awarded to aviators who have, over a number of years, displayed the qualities of pilotage, air navigation, airmanship and character which have brought honour and respect to the profession. The awards are made by the Court of the Company on the advice of the Trophies and Awards committee.  Specific eligibility for each award is listed on page one of each the application form.

The award should be seen as a recognition of long service and consistently high standards in one or more branches of professional flying, whether civil or military, including air transport, flying instruction, test or operational flying and in the case of the Master Rearcrew award, to someone who has a direct airborne involvement in ensuring safe and effective aircraft operations.

As the title suggests, the recipient will be a proven Master of their craft.


A brief history of the Awards including a list of all previous winners


Conditions for an application for an award

Although no minimum flying hours are required, the expected level of experience required to justify this award would involve typically 15-20 years in the profession.

The career, appointments held and experience as claimed by the Candidate, shall be verified by a competent officer of the Company/Service in which he/she is employed. Only where no suitably qualified officer is available will the verification by the Candidate’s nominator or sponsor be acceptable.  The Court may exercise its right to request log book evidence or to refer to the appropriate Regulatory Authority.

Whilst the Master Air Pilot certificate has traditionally been aimed at the professional pilot, the Honourable Company recognises that there are outstanding General Aviation pilots who may be deserving of the award.   As this award is based on evidence and recommendation the Company would expect applications to come principally from the flying instructor and display flying community.  General Aviation applicants should use the standard proforma available on this site, completing as many of the fields as possible.  Requests for advice on eligibility should be addressed by email to office@airpilots.orgThe award of the Certificate is at the absolute discretion of the Court on the advice of the Trophies and Awards committee.

Copies of the application forms can be downloaded below.  On completion they can be submitted at any time either by post or email to the Company office