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If you are based in Hong Kong and are thinking of joining the Company you can access the membership application form below

Membership Application for Hong Kong Residents

This is a writeable pdf document which should be completed, saved and submitted to membership-hk@airpilots.org

alternatively it may be downloaded, completed by hand and posted to the address shown on page one


The Hong Kong Region

The Honourable Company of Air Pilots (Hong Kong Region) Ltd was founded in January 1982.

The founding Chairman, Patrick Preston, served in that capacity for five years and was the driving force behind the establishment of the Region. In 2007 the 25th Anniversary of the region was celebrated, the attached article gives much information about the history of the region and how we got to where we are today. 25th Anniversary of the Region 2007

The Technical Committee plays an active part in such issues as future flight time limitations, windshear detection, multi-crew licences and a host of other factors which affect aviation in the HK Region.

The Flying Scholarship programme is a vital part of the Company's efforts. Through the generosity of sponsors and donations, the Region has for many years been able to offer full and part scholarships towards the high cost of obtaining a pilots's licence.  The application process usually commences in late December with a closing date in mid January and potential applicants should keep a watchful eye on this site.

The Region has an active social programme with regular and varied functions.

At the Annual General Meeting of the Hong Kong Region in March 2020, Captain Patrick Voigt was sworn in as chairman, taking over from Captain Locky Lawford's successful two years in post. The Chairman’s position is held for two years. The Hong Kong Region office bearers for 2020-21 as confirmed at the 18 March 2020 AGM can be found here



The Master's Trophy - Hong Kong Region 2021

Awarded to an individual, individuals or group, within or connected to the Hong Kong Region, who have displayed an outstanding contribution to aviation.  Whilst by no means exhaustive, examples of the criteria for the Master's Award include, exceptional airmanship and aeronautical skills, promotion of engineering and flight safety excellence, the fostering of youth involvement in aviation or dedication to the Region's core values and supporting its long term goals



... are your contact details registered with the Company (London) up to date?

Would all Hong Kong members please note that amendments to contact details, changes of postal address, telephone number, email addresses should be refered to office@airpilots.org as soon as possible in order to keep the information flowing smoothly.  You can also make sure your contact details are up to date at all times by clicking on "Member Database" and editing your personal profile.


If you are planning to come to the UK on a visit  you might wish to make contact with other Company members. Information about Company events in the UK can be found on the UK EVENT PAGE and you are more than welcome to apply to attend (and we can always get around the requirement for a UK cheque!!).  You will need to use your membership password to access these pages. If you experience any difficulties, please contact the office in London on office@airpilots.org.