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Airspace Technical Group



The Air Pilots’ Airspace Technical Group (Airspace TG) was formed in May 2019.  Its principal objectives and areas of interest are as follows:



To address safely the competing needs of all airspace users, controllers, and managers and advocate for international airspace modernisation by producing a template for a future joined-up & shared airspace, to optimise safety, efficiency, and utility for all airspace users and the environment.

To research and collate worldwide airspace best practice/new to raise awareness within the Honourable Company of Air Pilots, and more widely through the Company Magazine, press releases and digital output.



  • Electronic Conspicuity/Remote ID and other surveillance options.
  • Aircraft on-board capabilities – e.g. modern Flight Management Systems.
  • GNSS and modern alternative navigation capabilities.
  • Operations: 

    • The needs of all sectors of airspace users.
    • The needs of airspace supervisors/managers. 


More information about the Technical Group is available to Members of the Company by clicking this link


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