Professional Committees & Technical Groups

The Coordination Panel assists the Company in developing and maintaining a consist approach to professional matters.  It comprises representatives from each of the Regions and meets as necessary by Zoom.

The International Technical Forum (ITF) is the focal point for aviation technical and environmental matters.  It brings together expertise and experience from the international membership to exchange views on aviation issues and in particular those that the Company needs to address or on which it should have a view.  When necessary, it prompts and supports the formation and running of Technical Groups.   It meets every four months by Zoom, at a time that rotates through the year to accommodate as fairly as possible the participants’ international time zones; one meeting each year is timed to allow members to gather at the Company’s London offices. 

Technical Groups are formed where a topic requires more in-depth consideration than would be possible through a brief discussion in the Court, Coordination Panel or International Technical Forum.  A Technical Group (TG) may be either temporary, i.e. formed only to address a particular issue then disbanded, or more enduring when necessary to monitor developments within a specific field and keep the Company update.   TG membership is not restricted to those in the Coordination Panel or International Technical Forum and includes any Company member with an interest or expertise in the subject area.  TGs themselves decide how to coordinate and conduct their business, which is usually by Zoom and/or email; they can also meet face to face when that is possible.  TGs operate independently of the International Technical Forum which is appraised of significant developments.

For further information or detail on any aviation issues, please contact

The Director of Aviation Affairs (DAA) - Nick Goodwyn

The Aviation Careers and Education Committee (ACEC)  covers work such as scholarship/bursary selection and management, management of pilot aptitude testing, Livery Schools Link activities, promotion at air fairs, schools etc. This is separate from the ‘technical work’ discussed above.