Bursaries for Continued Professional Development of Career Flying Instructors


The  Bursary Programme is closed for now, but will re-open later in 2023



The aim of the Bursary Programme for Continued Professional Development is to assist instructors who might otherwise not have the necessary financial resources to keep their career on track.

Limited money is available in an ongoing process to fund or part-fund any of the following activities needed to Renew or Revalidate an existing Flying Instructor Certificate such as:

  • FI(A) Proficiency Check
  • Attendance at an FI Seminar
  • Financial support towards the FIC Instructor Preparatory Course
  • Financial support towards the required training and testing for the extension of the privileges of a FI Certificate to enable instruction for Night, Aerobatics, EIR, IR, or CPL
  • Financial support for the training and testing for the issue of an IRI certificate
  • Financial support to maintain other ratings essential for the instructor’s current instructing task (e.g.towards revalidation/renewal of an instrument qualification for an instructor currently teaching for theIR/IR(restricted) ratings)


Any other identified course of training which will enhance your instructional technique/knowledge

Candidates must:

  • Already hold an Instructor Certificate (restricted or unrestricted)
  • Be currently working or intending to work as a full-time Instructor
  • Currently hold the appropriate EASA or UK CAA medical certificate

The awards are made by a selection committee appointed by the Company, which may involve a virtually-conducted interview.  In addition, candidates applying for an award towards the FIC Instructor Preparatory Course may be requested to attend Air Pilots House for a technical interview based on CAA Standards Document 10.  The awards will be made on the evidence provided within the application form and the requested supporting documentation, plus the interview(s).  For the successful candidates, details of the award, along with the full terms and conditions, will be sent for formal acceptance.  The Company will expect training to be carried out in a timely manner and funding will be paid to the candidate on production of receipted invoice(s).


Applications for a Bursary should be submitted by email - the form below may be completed electronically.  The required supporting documents as requested on the form should be scanned and attached to your email.  It is suggested that following submission, you telephone the office on 020 7404 4032 to enquire as to safe arrival.