The Master's Trophy - North America Region

2023 North Shore Rescue

North Shore Rescue (NSR) is a volunteer, community-based search and rescue operation located in Vancouver, British Columbia.   Recognized for its expertise in emergency management (mitigation, preparation, response and recovery), it has for 50+ years, provided life-saving services to members of the public exploring the North Shore region outside Vancouver, British Columbia, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.  

North Shore Rescue offers a variety of search and rescue services – the main ones being; mountain search and rescue; helicopter rescue; urban search and rescue; public education; and civil emergency response, police evidence search, and the Grouse Grind patrol. There is no charge for their services.  The 40 plus volunteers, from all walks of life, are skilled in search and rescue operations in mountain, canyon and urban settings.   

It is a founding organization for the provision of the Helicopter Human External Cargo System or HEC. HEC is used to insert/extract rescuers into difficult terrain, as well as to extract stranded or injured patients. It is quick, efficient and very safe. NSR has performed 100’s of these specialized rescues since its inception in 1996 and is a leader in North America in this type of rescue.

Due to the team’s expert skillset and innovative techniques, commitment to continual training and improvement, and dedication to the preservation of life, the team has found itself increasingly tasked with responding to mutual aid calls across the province.  November 2021, brought unprecedented, life-altering flooding to the town of Merritt and towns in the Fraser Valley region of the province.  NSR made themselves available to assist where and when needed and with its team members, responded to a number of mutual-aid calls.    The team executed each rescue under less than ideal conditions—downed power lines, contaminated water, rising flood water, floating debris, and poor visibility.   Despite the risk to their own lives, the high-functioning team covered vast rural areas to rescue the very young, the elderly, the vulnerable, the medically distressed, and beloved family pets, in their typical calm, measured and empathetic manner. Despite the danger around them, team members were able to reassure evacuees they were now safely out of immediate danger.  This award is presented to North Shore Rescue organization in recognition of the outstanding, enduring, and meritorious search and rescue service it provides in Vancouver, and when requested, in other parts of British Columbia.

North Shore Rescue has evolved in its methods of search and rescue and in its training methods but always stays true to its mission to:

  • Establish an organization to search for, rescue and assist persons in distress
  • Educate the public in safely exploring the many trails in the region
  • Assist other organizations with similar purposes
  • Provide assistance to civil authorities
  • Provide advice and expertise to any who ask

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  • Since 1996, Bombardier Aerospace has staged annual Safety Standdown seminars worldwide.  Offered free-of-charge, these two- to four-day seminars target pilots of all aircraft types – regardless of the manufacturer.  Staged annually in Wichita, Geneva, Sao Paulo and Shanghai, they typically draw more than 450 corporate, commercial and military attendees.  Recognized by the U.S. Federation Aviation Administration (FAA) and the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB), Safety Standdown is led by globally recognized and experienced aviation, medical, astronaut, meteorological, ethical and scientific experts and focus on the “Leading Edge” Safety Management, Human Factors (convergent performance) and Error Control program; a Fatigue Management (alertness solutions) system; and Upset Recovery Training (aviation performance).   In 2011, the Flight Safety Foundation awarded the Business Aviation Meritorious Service Award to Bombardier Aerospace for Safety Standdown.



  • Two Bombardier organizations are repeat recipients of the FAA’s prestigious Diamond Award of Excellence:  Bombardier Flexjet – the world’s second largest fractional ownership provider currently operating a fleet of some 85 aircraft – has been honored for 14 consecutive years.   Concurrently, Bombardier’s maintenance repair and overhaul organization (MRO) facilities have been recognized for more than a decade, spearheaded by 14 consecutive years of recognition for the Hartford Service Center.  In addition, Bombardier’s eight MRO facilities in the U.S. were recently awarded a 2012 Aviation Maintenance Technician (AMT) Diamond Award Certificate of Excellence, recognizing Bombardier’s commitment to offering customers access to the most highly skilled workforce through an extensive training program. 



·         Bombardier Aerospace is a worldwide pioneer in developing Safety Management Systems, or SMS, for design and manufacturing organizations. It is a member of the International Civil Aviation Organization Working Group that developed ICAO Annex 19, officially adopted by the ICAO Council in February 2013 – and the first new Annex          developed by ICAO in many years.    Additionally, Bombardier is a member of the steering group for the FAA’s new Aviation Rulemaking Committee on SMS, and a regular contributor to the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) E-CAST team and was recently invited to join the FAA’s CAST group.