Flying Scholarship Winners 2023

Thanks to the generosity of sponsors, benefactors and charitable trusts a total of eight Private Pilot Licence Scholarships, two Flight Instructor Certificate Scholarships and twenty six Gliding Scholarships have been awarded in 2023.

Private Pilot Licence Scholarships

The Grayburn Scholarship (kindly sponsored by Past Master of the Company, Michael Grayburn) was awarded to Hannah Whelan. Hannah currently works as a civil servant and will be using a mixture of annual leave and weekends to complete her training with Enstone Flying Club.

The Cadogan Scholarship (generously sponsored by the Cadogan Charitable Trust).  The scholarship this year was awarded to Josh Fagan.  Josh applied last year, but narrowly missed out on the final selection.  Not letting that deter him, he applied again this year and is now the recipient of the Cadogan Scholarship and will fly with Merseyflight in Cheshire.

The Air BP Sterling Scholarship (sponsored by Air BP a leading international aviation fuel products and service supplier) has been awarded to Mollie Wadsworth.  Mollie is our youngest scholar this year at 17.  She will fly with Yorkshire Aviation.

The Donaldson Scholarship (kindly donated by Captain Colin Donaldson) has sponsored Andy Limbaya.  Andy is currently a teaching assistant and plans to use the summer holidays to complete his PPL with North Weald Flight Training.

The Air Pilots Trust have sponsored the Sir Sefton Brancker Scholarship this year, and this was awarded to Sophie Durbin.  Sophie is a trained midwife who always wanted a career in aviation and felt now was the right time to make that change.  She will be flying at Aeros, Cardiff.

Another scholarship goes to Jack Lippiatt.  Jack is another scholar who applied last year and was unsuccessful.  Determined not to give up he applied again this year and was awarded the Air Pilots Benevolent Fund Scholarship and is flying with Freedom Aviation.

BALPA this year has sponsored the following three Scholarships:

The Wigley Scholarship has sponsored Emma Lees.  Emma is flying with South Warwickshire Flying School. 

Khalid went through the process last year and secured a gliding scholarship.  This year he was determined to continue his aviation journey and won the Lane Burselem Scholarship.

The Bob Dawson Scholarship has sponsored Jacob Cooper.  Jacob is our third student in recent years to fly at Westair in Blackpool.

Flight Instructor Certificate Scholarships

We have been lucky to have two FIC Scholarships to award this year:

The Swire Scholarship was awarded to Matthew Beckett.  Matthew will train with West London Aero Club.

The Normal Motley Scholarship was awarded to Jonathan Stamp.  Jonathan will fly with Andrewsfield Aviation.

Gliding Scholarships 2023

This year we awarded 26 Gliding Scholarships all of which will be taken as weeklong residential courses.  Twelve students attended Derby & Lancs Gliding Club, two will fly at Lasham Gliding, four students will attend Midland Gliding Club and eight are based at Middle Wallop with Portsmouth Naval Gliding Club. 

2Excel have sponsored Ruth Briggs-Waites and Cameron Brown.

Ameila Harrison was awarded the RAFA Scholarship

PM Dorothy Saul Pooley has kindly sponsored, Lucas Stephens and Emmanuel Joseph.

Virgin Atlantic who sponsored Faith Anne Riches and Robert Johnson.  

The Air Pilots Flying Club Gliding Scholarships were awarded to Rhys Parker, Samuel Jeffs, Alfie Johnston, Adam Rose, Donnach Gibbons and Alfred Dicks.

AFG have sponsored William Frost and Frederick Sills

The Company's two charities the Air Pilots Trust and The Air Safety Trust sponsored six Scholarships.  These were awarded to David Ringlemann, Adam Webb, Kai Prema, Rafael Oaks, Toby Ayres and Harry Ng.

The Air Pilots Benevolent Fund sponsored Antoni Krzyzos.  

A further three scholarships were funded directly by the Honourable Company and these went to Cairan Cain, Henry Hodgson and Jake Hill