Air Pilots Trust

Reg No: 313606

The Trustees

Master (Ex Officio)

Clerk (Ex Officio)

Air Cdre Rick Peacock-Edwards

Sebastian Pooley Esq

Capt Richard Hall

The objects of the Air Pilots Trust

To promote education in all branches of aviation and in particular so to do by:

  • the provision of scholarships and like grants to assist the training in aviation of citizens of the United Kingdom or of a Commonwealth country or of Eire who intend to be or are engaged professionally as Air Pilots or Navigators in commercial aviation
  • the establishment and maintenance of named lectureships on aviation and kindred matters.
  • the provision of lectures on aviation and kindred matters
  • the establishment and maintenance of a technical library and information centre on matters connected with aviation and the dissemination of technical knowledge on such matters
  • the promotion of study and research into problems of aviation and flight (whether within or beyond the atmosphere) including study and research directed to improvements in the safety or health of flight crews or the more efficient performance of their tasks

For further information, or to request assistance from the APT (if in accordance with the objects), please email the Clerk at in the first instance.