Flying Scholarship Winners 2018

Private Pilot Licence Scholarships

The Air BP Sterling Scholarship - Stephen Daly.

The Grayburn Scholarship - Jake Kenny.

The Cadogan Scholarship - Fahim Ahmed.

The Sir Sefton Brancker Scholarship - Suleman Hussain.

TAG Farnborough Airport Scholarship - Reshe Harrison.

The Air Pilots Benevolent Fund - Amy Palmer

The Air Pilots Benevolent Fund - Tsungi Maruta.


AmyAmy Palmer was the winner of the 2018 John Landymore Trophy.  Amy is pictured at the Trophies and Awards Banquet at London Guildhall shortly before receiving her award with Past Master Chris Ford and Kat Hodge of the Scholarship Selection Panel.

Private Pilot Licence Scholarship Winners reports

Amy Palmer

Fahim Ahmed

Jake Kenny

Reshe Harrison

Stephen Daly

Flying Instructor Certificate Scholarships

The Swire Scholarship was awarded to Finian Salter who completed his FIC at Redhill Aviation Flight Centre.  Finian currently works as a lecturer and 1:1 coach.  With his passion for aviation and experience in teaching he hopes this will be the perfect career change for him. Of note - Finian, after gaining his certificate,  taught some elements of the PPL course to Reshe, this year's TAG Aviation PPL Scholarship winner.

The Foyle Scholarship was awarded to  Daniel Dedman, who trained at Andrewsfield Aviation.  Daniel obtained his PPL at 18 and went on to achieve his CPL and ATPL at 19.  He has a passion for aviation that he can’t wait to share with others who dream of gaining their PPL.

Gliding Scholarships

Thirteen Gliding Scholarships were awarded, all of which were taken as week long residential courses.  Three students attended London Gliding Club in Dunstable and ten Students attended Derby & Lancs Gliding Club.

Virgin Atlantic Scholarship Winners - Yugesh Sundharam (LCG) and Simon Goodden (Derby & Lancs). 

The Air Pilots Flying Club Gliding Scholarships -  Gavin O Dwyer (Derby & Lancs), Kieran Shingler (Derby & Lancs) and  Thomas Barham  (LGC)

The AST  sponsored a further eight Scholarships -  Ellis Collins (LCG).  Josh Fagan, Emma McNeill,  Ross Bradley ,  Harry Pink, Fraser Barnes,  Tsz Kiu (Megan) Ip  and Sean Johnson (all at Derby and Lancs).