The Master's Trophy - Hong Kong Region

2023: Captain Lachlan "Locky" Lawford

LAWFORD Lachlan2


Captain Lachlan Lawford aka ‘Locky’ was born in Darwin, Australia in 1976 to a family heavily involved in aviation which inspired him to develop a flying career of his own. 

He learnt to fly at the Darwin Aero Club at the age of Fifteen going solo at age 16 in a Grumman AA1B Trainer. Further pursuing his passion for aviation, he attained his Commercial licence at the minimum age of 18 and went onto being a bush pilot to flying float planes and flying boats. Locky went onto fly the Grumman Mallard in his hometown of Darwin for five years before moving to Hong Kong in 2004 to chase his dreams of flying Corporate Jets; initially flying the Gulfstream G200 on worldwide VIP charter operations.  

During his time in Hong Kong Locky flew the Gulfstream and Bombardier aircraft types attaining his Command at age 31. He has Hong Kong Civil Aviation Department (HKCAD) approval as a Line Training Captain and holds a Certificate of Airworthiness Air Test Approval. Locky progressed to the position of Director Flight Operations for his last Company before leaving to the more flexible life of being a freelance contract pilot, flying the Bombardier Global 6000.

Locky joined the then GAPAN in 2011 and immediately became a GC member as the Corporate Pilot advisor to the Team. He progressed over the years to become the Chairman of Honourable Company of Air Pilots (Hong Kong Region) between 2018-2020. During his tenure as Chairman, the Company saw major changes with more events and member interaction bringing a significant increase of new members to the Region from an average of 4 members joining per year to 4 new members joining the Company per month!

Throughout Locky’s 30 year flying history he has amassed 10,500hrs of flying on 32 different aircraft types with hopes of doubling this amount over the coming years.

In recognition of his services to aviation and in particular his effort and devotion to the Honourable Company of Air Pilots the Chair and General Committee of the Hong Kong Region would like to nominate Captain Locky Lawford for the Master’s Regional Trophy for 2023.

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