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Unmanned Air Systems Technical Group 



The Air Pilots’ Unmanned Air Systems Technical Group (UAS TG) was formed in October 2020.  Its principal objectives and areas of interest are as follows:


  • Research and collate any UK, European and more general worldwide UAS news relevant to the aviation community.
  • Raise awareness and potential results/effects/consequences of this news and disseminate it to primarily the internal audience of the Honourable Company of Air Pilots, and secondly to a wider external audience, through the Company Magazine, press releases and digital output.
  • Assist closer collaboration/dialogue between the academic, defence and private sectors in UAS research.
  • Provide relevant UAS careers information to affiliated organizations and related STEM focused youth organizations.
  • To promote the needs of aviation throughout the UAS Sector through positive engagement and participation in any consultations.
  • Be a champion for UAS safety, regulatory and certification issues

Areas of Interest:   

  • Technology:   1) Propulsion, 2) Navigation/computation, 3) Design, Manufacture & Airworthiness 4) Types – FW, VTOL, electric, solar, etc.
  • Operations:   1) Crew resource management, 2) Training, 3) Medical; 4) Military & Commercial/Civil.
  • Airspace/Regulation/Legal:   1) International regulation, EASA Working Groups, national regulation, CAA etc. 2) Segregated & open airspace rules.  3) Categories and exemptions
  • Applications outside the UAS sector:   Adjacencies into aviation being likely priority interest to members.
  • Careers/Outreach:   The related incentives for unmanned aviation in encouraging the next generation of pilots/operators, be it in commercial or leisure operations and/or even higher.


UAS TG articles in Air Pilot magazine:

April 2021 – DRONES OVER AUSTRALIA (p29)


More information about the Technical Group is available to Members of the Company by clicking this link


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