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Aptitude Assessment

Aptitude assessment for potential pilots

Do you have the ‘right stuff’ (the necessary aptitude) to be a pilot?

Flight training is a very expensive business. Before signing a contract for training it's important to know whether you have the aptitude to make a career of flying.  We can help you by providing the opportunity to take a set of aptitude assessments which are specifically designed to indicate whether you have the potential to succeed in professional flying – or whether professional flying standards would be something you would find hard to achieve or maintain.

As we are unable to conduct assessments at RAF Cranwell for the time being, we have arranged to be able to provide tests using a different assessment programme and equipment at our office in London – Air Pilots House.  As part of the assessment, you will have an individual de-briefing to discuss the scores you achieved and what they mean and provide the opportunity for you to talk to a current or former professional pilot about a career in aviation.  

The assessment is designed for those with little or no flying experience so you do not need any prior knowledge or experience of flying.  (The various aspects of the assessment are designed to be experience neutral i.e. previous flying experience will not enhance or degrade the candidate's performance).  Potential candidates should be at least 18 on the date of the assessment. To date well over 1400 candidates have benefitted from the wisdom of having their aptitude assessed before embarking on a commercial flying training course.

Aptitude assessment will give you a very good indication of your innate ability to become a successful pilot – or may well save you a lot of heartache and very considerable financial investment.

If you’re thinking of becoming a professional pilot you are highly advised to take these assessments before you do anything else about flying as a career.


Future dates:

Dates for aptitude assesment in 2022 will be announced in the near future.