... Flight Training, Theory and Licencing

The CPL is the first professional level qualification. Licensing is a process of obtaining flight hours, exam credits and passing a flight skills test. Duration of commercial pilot training can range between 18months and 4+ years. It is dependant on a variety of elements, namely the weather, available funding, full time or part time training, and time outside of potential work or study. 

CPL Flight Training will take the student from 0 - 200 flight hours.  About two hours of briefing time can be allocated for each flight hour which covers theory, anticipated flight manoeuvres, pre-flight aircraft inspection and post flight debriefings. Some of this training can be done in an approved simulator. This is however limited to about 5% accreditation towards your total flying time and features more in advanced training and for specific aircraft qualifications.

Ground school theory is completed separately through modular courses and culminates in examinations facilitated by the local regulatory authority. The current HKG CPL consists of 16 subjects but will vary depending on the country that the license is completed in. These 16 subjects exclude a variety of tests completed along the way such as for aircraft ratings, radio operator licence and initial licensing etc. 

HKG does have a domestic option for initial flight training but pursuing a CPL will see the bulk of flying, course theory and exams being completed at an overseas Flight Training Organisation. The CPL may be issued by the hosting country and can then be converted in HKG after sitting the local theoretical exams and completing a flight skills test. 

Many pilots have enjoyed successful careers via this path, but civil aviation can be expensive. Flying scholarships and cadet programmes are however available.