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Flying Scholarships Winners 2021


Congratulations to all our winnners


Private Pilot's Licence Scholarships 2021

Cadogan Scholarship – Charlie Gazzard

Air BP Sterling Scholarship – Max Ellison

Donaldson Scholarship – Tyler Audu McGregor

Grayburn Scholarship – Chris Barrott

Air Pilots Visits Team Scholarship – Omar Mshihadani

Wigley Scholarship (Balpa Benevolennt Fund) – David Hart

Lane-Burslem Scholarship (Balpa Benevolent Fund) - Luke McConnell

Bob Dawson Scholarship (Balpa Benevolent Fund) – Anne Soltow


Gliding Scholarships 2021

Reports on their experiences have been received from many of the 2021 candidates - please click on the blue underlined links below.


Training with Portsmouth Naval GC - Philip Kirunda, Tyler Oxley, Jacob Nelson, Aamia Bhutta, James Jarman, Sophia Anderson, Eleanor White and Abbey Lamb

Training at Cambridge GC - Shaan Johal, Alexander Hook and Callum Doak         

Training at Derby & Lancs GC - Alice Daglish, Georgia Pescod, Isabelle Murfitt, Mark Shields, Louis Hall, Edward Smith, William Cooper, Nathaniel McMurray, Mitch Chandler, Tinashe Masama, Fraser Clapham and Thomas Needam


Flying Instructor Certificate Scholarships 2021

Cadogan FIC Scholarship – George Coe

Swire FIC Scholarship – Joe Hadley

Norman Motely FIC Scholarship (Air Safety Trust) – Gary Jackson