The Honourable Company of Air Pilots incorporating Air Navigators

The Master's Medal

Awarded to any person in aviation, at any time, for an act or other achievement in aviation considered worthy of the Medal, as soon as the facts of the event are clear.  This is intended to be an immediate award, made at the discretion of the Master. It is done so on the advice of the Trophies and Awards Committee, after careful consideration and due diligence.

(amended Terms of Reference 2019)

2018 Not Awarded


Previous Award Winners:

The Guild Medal

1976 F A Laker Esq

1977 Captain J Schuman (posthumously) and Herr J Veito
         Lufthansa Flight 181

        The Royal Air Force Red Arrow Aerobatic Team

The Master's Medal

1985 Captain John Testrake

1986 PO ACMN L Slater

1987 R Branson Esq and Per Lindstrand

1988 Captain S Yousif

1989  Not Awarded

1990 FO A Atchison

1991 Miss H Sharman

1992 Not Awarded

1993 Captain E J Wyer

1994 Not Awarded

1995 Air Commodore A N Nicholson OBE QHS RAF

1996 - 1998 Not Awarded

1999 Brian Jones and Bertrand Piccard of the Breitling Orbiter 3

2000   Not Awarded

2001 Polly Vacher

2002 Caroline Gough-Cooper and Imogen Asker 

2003 David K Hempleman-Adams OBE


2005 Not Awarded

2006 CREW OF 7 FLIGHT ARMY AIR CORPS, Warrant Officer Class 1 Challis (Aircraft Commander), Sergeant Khanlarian and Corporal Leah

2007 Apache Patrol Members of 656 Sqn AAC

        Petty Officer Aircrewman James O'Donnell QGM

2008 Not Awarded

2009 The Crew of US Airways Flight 1549

        Captain Charles "Chalkie" Stobbart

2010 Captain Michael Fairhurst and First Officer James Brown

        Captain Stephen Noujaim

2011 Lieutenant Commander William Strickland USCG

2012 David "Wheely Dave" Sykes

2013 Lieutenant Commander Vincent Jansen USCG

        Sergeant Rachael Robinson QGM

2014  Not Awarded

2015  Solar Impulse - Dr Bertrand Piccard and Andre Borschberg

2016  Tracey Curtis-Taylor

         Timothy Peake CMG BSc(Hons)

2017  Flight Sergeant Mike Rowlands

         Commander Matthew Grindon RN

2018  Not Awarded