The Hugh Field Memorial Award for Aviation Journalism

Awarded to an individual journalist, publication or organisation for an outstanding contribution to the promotion or public awareness of aviation in general or of any important aspect of aviation activity.
(change of name 2021 in memory of Past Master Hugh Field)

2023: not awarded

Previous Winners:

2006/07  Richard Gardner Esq

2007/08  Hugh Field Esq

2008/09  Flight International

2010  not awarded

2010/11  Global Aviation Resource

2011/12  Air Cdre Graham Pitchfork MBE BA FRAeS

2012/13  Pat Malone

2013/14   BBC Helicopter Heroes Team

2014/15  Sqn Ldr David Webster MBE RAF

2016  Nigel Everett MA

2017  Captain Elfan Dyfed Ap Rees

2018  David Learmount

2019  Benjamin Dunnell

2020  Tim Robinson

2021  Arthur Williams

2022 - 23  not awarded