The Sir Alan Cobham Memorial Award

Awarded for meritorious service to the Company.
(formerly the Award of Merit)

2021:  Not Awarded

Previous Winners:

... of the Award of Merit

1959/60   E B Trubshaw Esq

1960/61   Wg Cdr C E F Arthur AFC

1961/62   awarded twice:
      C L Pashley Esq MBE AFC
      Gp Capt H A Purvis DFC AFC

1964/65   C A Nepean Bishop Esq

1965/66   Miss Sheila Scott

1966/67   C C H Dash Esq

1968 - 1970  not wardeded

1970/71   Mrs V Dowling

1971/72   E Day Esq

1973   not awarded

1973/74  awarded twice:
      Lt Col R Smith ERD
     Sir Frederick Tymms KCIE MC

1974/75  awarded twice:
       L A Wingfield Esq MC DFC
      Captain J E Futcher

1975/76   Captain R E Gillman DFC

1976/77   A P W Cane Esq

1977/78   J L B Cowan Esq

1979 - 1980   not awarded

1980/81   Captain Brian Powell

1981/82   Captain Jack Nicholl

1982/83   Robert Pooley Esq

1984   not awarded

1984/85   W T F Rossiter Esq

1986   not awarded

1986/87   Captain Charles A Owens LVO

1987/88   Captain John D Mackellar

1988/89   Cyril (Ray) Jeffs Esq OBE

1989/90   Captain Neville Grady

1991   not awarded

1991/92   Captain Maurice R Aries

1993 - 1994  not awarded

1994/95   Raymond Baxter Esq

1995/96   The late Ronald D Campbell Esq MBE

1996/97   Dr Michael Bagshaw

1997/98   Past Master Fred S Stringer

1998/99   Hugh O Field Esq

1999/2000   Captain Ray Heiniger

2000/01   Captain Clive E Elton

2001/02   Captain Jack G L Smith 

2002/03   Captain C L Hodgkinson

2003/04   Captain John B Robinson

2004/05   Captain John Mason

2005/06   Michael J A Glover

2006/07  Captain David Martin

2007/08   John W Kessey

2008/09  Captain Richard (Dick) Felix

2009/10  Captain Ian Frow

2011  not awarded

2011/12  John Stuart Burley Esq OBE FRAeS

2013  not awarded

2014  Ronald Price

2015  not awarded

... of the Sir Alan Cobham Memorial Award

2016   not awarded

2017  awarded twice:
      David C Curgenven
      Peter Adrian Bird

2018  awarded twice:
      Donna Farquhar
      Captain Barry Mitchell

2019  Ruth M Cundy

2020  Will Wright and Becky Kwo

2021  not awarded