The Sir Alan Cobham Memorial Award

Awarded for meritorious service to the Company.
(formerly the Award of Merit)

2023 awarded to:  Reverend Dr Richard Waugh QSM

For the last 25 years, the Honorary Chaplain to the New Zealand Region, the Rev Dr Richard Waugh, has provided pastoral care to a large number of bereaved family members of the victims of aviation accidents and the wider community connected to those accidents; this is in addition to his normal chaplaincy work. He has facilitated public memorial services to commemorate every major New Zealand air accident. It would be fair to say that in doing so he has raised the public profile of the Hon Company more than any other person in the Region.

Richard Waugh is a well-known aviation historian in New Zealand who was invited in 1998 by the then visiting Master to become the Honorary Chaplain to the NZ Region.  Despite holding a number of important positions including being the National Superintendent of the WAUGH Richard2Wesleyan Methodist Church of New Zealand, and the Chairperson of the New Zealand National Church Leaders Meeting (all denominations), Richard accepted the challenge. Richard has carried out his duties in an extremely innovative way by organising public commemoration services at appropriate times, normally near the site of each accident. The most recent one, the 60th anniversary of the Kaimai Range crash in which 23 people lost their lives, was held on 3 July this year with a large attendance.

Undoubtably, his greatest achievement in the aviation field was to persuade the New Zealand government to finance and build a memorial to commemorate the crash of a DC10 on Mt Erebus, Antarctica in 1979 at which 257 souls perished. Starting in 2016, a small group of Air Pilot and family members advised and supported Richard with this project. He continues to liaise with bereaved family members regularly, with the Ministry of Culture and Heritage, and the local Iwi (tribe), who own the land on which any memorial would be built. This is still a work in progress as the proposed site has now been found to be geologically unsuitable for the planned memorial, and another site will have to be found.

For his inspirational pastoral care, his work in raising the public profile of the Honourable Company of Air Pilots and his services to all members and the wider community, Richard Waugh is a worthy recipient of the Sir Alan Cobham Memorial Award.

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