The Sir James Martin Award

2022 Awarded to:  David Howson

Gretchen Haskins, CEO of HeliOffshore, summed up Dave Howson’s contribution to aviation safety as follows:

“Over a 30-year Civil Aviation Authority career, Dave has tirelessly championed and delivered safety improvements into the offshore helicopter sector by driving forwards an extensive research programme. The innovative technology, regulatory enhancements and safety promotion that he has influenced and delivered has undoubtedly reduced the likelihood of accidents and increased their survivability”.

Among many notable achievements, Dave secured funding to create algorithms that provide a timelier alert to helicopter pilots of the potential for obstacle, terrain, or water collision. This international programme involved participation from manufacturers, operators, energy companies and regulators, which Dave used to best effect through continuous engagement. Not content with a narrow implementation of the resultant Helicopter Terrain Awareness and Warning System (H-TAWS), Dave wrote it into an open-source design specification and championed its incorporation as a manufacturing standard. All the major rotary manufacturers have now committed to upgrading their software to implement H-TAWS, in recognition of its safety benefit. Simultaneously, in a further bid to reduce controlled flight into terrain events, Dave acted as the technical lead for several regulatory amendments relating to helideck safety. Resultant enhancements to deck lighting increase the ability of pilots to assess the state of the landing area, whilst improvements to netting reduce the risk of aircraft skidding, rolling, or pitching off the helideck.

HOWSON DavidIn addition to his determination to reduce accident likelihood, Dave has also dedicated himself towards increasing the survivability of such events. Research findings after the tragic 2013 Sumburgh helicopter accident indicated that the cold-water gasp reflex might prevent appropriate use of underwater breathing devices that require individuals to initiate airflow by taking a breath inward. In response, Dave campaigned for the introduction of ‘Enhanced Emergency Breathing Systems’ that actively drive air into the mouth. In recognition of the huge improvement to underwater survival chances these devices enable, they are now standard in the North Sea and are being adopted internationally.

In parallel, additional workstreams championed by Dave increased the likelihood of individuals expeditiously egressing a helicopter from above or below water. Output included amendments to regulations pertaining to the size of exits and the seating distribution of passengers to take account of biometrics and the burden of submersion suits, whilst research to understand conditions that reduce egress opportunities, including the chances of safe exit in rough seas, resulted in amendments to regulations relating to the weather parameters for safe flight.

It cannot be over-stated what an enormous contribution to safety in the offshore rotary sector Dave has made through his quiet but continuous determination. His motivation is selfless, his passion infectious and his fortitude relentless. The global offshore rotary community and its passengers would be significantly less safe without the dedication shown by Dave. As such, David Howson is a worthy recipient of the Sir James Martin Award.

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