The Hugh Gordon-Burge Memorial Award

Awarded to a member or members of a crew whose outstanding behaviour and action contributed to the saving of their aircraft or passengers.

2023 awarded to: David Barrell

On Saturday 4 September 2021, David Barrell was the formation lead pilot for the AeroSuperBatics wing-walking display team and suffered a partial engine failure mid display at the Bournemouth Air Festival. An engine failure being even more of a concern for display pilots due to the low heights at which displays are flown, this situation was further complicated by performing formation aerobatics over water. The problem first manifested itself whilst inverted performing a formation loop.

David first started display flying in 1999 and joined AeroSuperBatics in 2006 and has completed well over 1300 displays (not counting practice displays). This experience and the well planned and rehearsed procedures used by AeroSuperBatics, together with David’s calmness under pressure, led to a textbook handling of a difficult situation.

BARRELL David1David immediately terminated the display and informed the Flying Display Director by radio of a partial power loss. He also signalled the wing-walker to get down from the rig and secure herself in the front cockpit and remove the safety tether, in readiness to evacuate the aircraft. The number two aircraft was also instructed to move further out in case David needed to make an abrupt manoeuvrer or suffered control difficulties.

During this time David continued to evaluate the state of the aircraft, which was still producing power, albeit reduced but sufficient to maintain height. Options were considered whether to ditch in the sterile display area on the water, or attempt to make it back to the airport, or an off-field landing. A prime consideration was not to overfly the spectators or built-up areas. David considered that a route to the west along the coast and into the Poole harbour entrance would ensure no risk to those on the ground and potentially enable a return for a safe landing.

However, the engine continued to lose power and approaching the harbour entrance, it became clear they would have to ditch. David continued to assess the safety of others and selected a touch down point out of the boating lanes and away from the chain ferry but close to land and potential rescue assistance. He carried out a well-judged ditching at minimum speed in a tail down attitude, but despite this, the aircraft flipped over on impact. David evacuated the aircraft and continued to look after the wing-walker, who was in a state of shock and needed assistance to vacate the inverted and submerged aircraft.

Assistance was soon on hand from a small inflatable dinghy which was first on scene and only had space for the wing-walker on board The rescuer remarked at David’s calmness when he said he would hold on to the side whilst they towed him to shore. Both were taken to hospital with minor injuries and discharged later that day.

The professionalism with which the incident was handled continued with the post incident analysis aided by the AAIB report, which confirmed how well the incident was handled and the planning for such an incident. The SOPs and regular rehearsal briefings were found very complete, and it was decided by the team to add some extra hand signals for crew communication. Analysis of the mechanical failure which caused the total loss of engine oil and the subsequent engine failure, led to inspection of other display aircraft and engineering changes made to address the potential weakness.

David Barrell’s outstanding behaviour and action on this occasion contributed directly to the saving of his passenger and potentially others, and he is accordingly awarded the Hugh Gordon-Burge Memorial Award.

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