The John Landymore Trophy

Awarded to the outstanding candidate of the year for a PPL Scholarship. The award is recommended by the Scholarship Committee.

2022 Awarded to: William Cooper

COOPER WillWill won the Lane-Burslem (BALPA BF) PPL Scholarship and completed his training with Alex Air in Aberdeenshire.

From the initial impression that he made upon the scholarship selection committee to the approach he adopted during his flying training, Will was exemplary.  His ground school results were top class and his whole approach to the learning process and personal application required to be a proficient and able pilot were present from the outset.  Will’s enthusiasm and determination to achieve his goal was evident to his ground and flying instructors.  His attitude was always positive and he was a pleasure to teach.

As a result of his personal qualities and professional, competent approach to flying demonstrated during his training for a PPL, Will Cooper is awarded the John Landymore Trophy for 2022.

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1994  Robert Clarke

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2022  William Cooper