The Pike Trophy

Awarded to an individual who has made an outstanding contribution to civil flying instruction.
(amended Terms of Reference 2019)

2021 Awarded to:  Primo Lonzardi

LONZARDI Primo PikePrimo Lonzardi is a legendary flying instructor and examiner around the North West of England, and beyond. Having migrated to the UK from Italy in 1970, he has spent the last 50 years flying light aircraft, instructing and examining at various locations around the UK. He is a man of few words and would never talk about his incredible career and achievements. What we do know, however, is that he has instructed at Oxford, Humberside, Sleap, Woodvale, Barton, Manchester International and – for the last 24 years – at Liverpool John Lennon.

Over the years, Primo continued to add to his instructor and examiner qualifications. Countless of today’s airline pilots were taught by Primo on the journey to their present career along with the hundreds of GA pilots who were introduced to the wonders of flight by his passion.

The course he is most famous for teaching is the Flight Instructor Course. He has a unique style of teaching which is charming and relaxed. This is probably why everybody loves to fly with him as he makes the whole experience a pleasure.

Having amassed tens of thousands of hours of flying experience, all in light aircraft, he must be one of the most experienced light aircraft pilots in the UK – if not the world. Despite his experience, he always moves with the times and is passionate about embracing new ideas and new methods. He will always provide nuggets of extra knowledge and tips to the people he flies with, so that even experienced pilots always feel more knowledgeable after a flight with Primo.

Today, he continues to delay a well-earned retirement and can be found still travelling around examining new and existing Flying Instructors. His love of teaching, examining and flying light aircraft meant he turned down a more financially beneficial career in the airlines many times which has been to the advantage of the GA community and world of instructing.

Primo has been part of the Honourable Company of Air Pilots’ Instructors’ Working Group for many years and has contributed hugely to the development of the PPL Flying Instructors’ Guide, Teaching Navigation document and Teaching Stalling document, which are still available on the website. He is a stalwart of general aviation and flying instruction in the UK and is an extremely worthy recipient of the Pike Trophy.

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2019  awarded twice: 
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      Carol Louise Cooper

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2021  Primo Lonzardi