The Grand Master's Medal

Awarded to an individual under the age of 30 for outstanding achievement and endeavour in any field of aviation.

2023 awarded to: First Lieutenant Andrew H Merkley USAF

First Lieutenant Andrew Merkley is currently serving as the United States Air Force Materiel Command Lead Test Engineer for the 661st Aeronautical Systems Squadron, a combined acquisition, ground, and flight test unit in Englewood, Colorado.  In this capacity he led a team of 40 personnel in test, executing seven separate special mission programmes, to include the development of a new United States Special Operations Command air-launched, unmanned aerial system on a classified platform, enabling successful all-weather targeting capabilities.

6661L Andrew Merkley USAF Grand Masters Medal 2023Lt Merkley played a crucial role in flight testing a new $42m engine, multiple propellers, and an upgraded lithium-ion aircraft battery for the U-28 airframe, directly expanding the capabilities of this vital Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (ISR) asset, while also addressing airframe viability and life extension.  Additionally, in recognition of his test experience and expertise, he was the lead test engineer for a $1.6B dollar hypersonic missile program test series overseen by the Office of the Secretary of Defense.  He wrote the developmental test plan for weapon system evaluation, injecting relevance for three flight tests.

Lt Merkley directed ground and flight testing of a $585k ISR radar system upgrade on a low-density United States Southern Command counter-drug asset, thereby facilitating narcotics seizures valued at $2.4B, which was an impressive 9% increase from the previous calendar year.  Moreover, he was vital to next-generation airborne sensor development, integrated testing, and operations by enabling the continued development of a $100m sensor testbed platform.  He validated the pre-modification aircraft performance data for subsequent Federal Aviation Administration certification in a 31-sortie, 299-test-point, medium-risk test programme.

Utilising his skills from the Test Management Course, he managed the live-fire test and evaluation of an upgraded Stand-Off Precision Guided Munition.  His efforts facilitated the first-ever post-launch fusing update via the Situation Awareness Data Link, boosting weapon lethality.  Finally, Lt Merkley planned and executed the simultaneous flight testing of six unique alternate positioning, navigation, and timing systems in a week-long, large force test event.  He personally executed six sorties totalling 24 flight hours in a real-world global positioning system-denied environment, providing programme managers with actual system performance data. Simply put, Lt Merkley has exceeded all expectations and has made an exceptional contribution to the ‘Big Safari’ flight test mission.  He is highly deserving of recognition for an outstanding contribution to flight operations by the award of the Grand Master’s Medal.

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