The Glover Trophy

Awarded to the most meritorious student pilot graduating from a college or school of civil or military aviation.  Particular consideration will be given to the candidate’s progress during the course, including qualities of character, leadership, involvement in sport, recreation and voluntary service, in addition to flying and academic achievement.
(previously the Alan Cobham Prize/The Sir Alan Cobham Memorial Award)

2021 Awarded to: Captain James Lowrey AAC

LOWREY James GloverCaptain James Lowrey commissioned from Sandhurst in 2012 and initially joined the Army Air Corps as an Aviation Support Officer. His diligence and professionalism were key to supporting the 1 Regt AAC move from operating with the Lynx MK9A in Germany to the Wildcat platform at RNAS Yeovilton, UK.

In October 2015 Captain Lowrey began his Army Pilots Course. Throughout the initial parts of his AAC training he demonstrated exceptional levels of commitment and skill and was recognised as the ‘Best Student’ and ‘Top Tactics Student’ on the testing Operational Training Phase (OTP). This phase included the basic, advanced, and tactical elements of flying training and culminated in the award of Army Flying Wings.

Recognising his previous flying training attainment, Captain Lowrey was offered his first-choice aircraft type - Apache. Amongst his peers on the course he was seen as the standout leader and was the natural choice for the chain of command to select as the course leader, a role that proved his exceptional communication skills with his peers and instructors as the course progressed.

Capt Lowrey’s range of attainment cannot be underestimated. The Apache Conversion to Role (CTR) course has a demanding syllabus that requires a deep knowledge of Army tactical doctrine and integration with land forces. Given the scope to which the UK Apache helicopter can be employed by the British Army, the elements of the course range from smaller scale counter-insurgency mission sorties to divisional peer-on-peer scenarios with complex Air Defence and Electronic Warfare (EW) overlays.

Most impressive of all was Captain Lowrey’s performance on the CTR final exercise, which included mutually crewed test exercise sorties. Through his excellent CRM and honed skill in his weaponeering, he was able to apply himself with great effect, bringing out the best in each of his Patrol members. Capt Lowrey’s performance on CTR was outstanding and by no means typical of the usual output standard. This strong performance was recognised in his closing CTR report which recommended that he should be fast tracked to his Combat Ready check and in due course instructor training. His personal achievements combined with his ability to lead, motivate and develop fellow candidates has defined a unique and exceptional performance during Apache CTR and is worthy of recognition by award of the Glover Trophy.

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