The Cumberbatch Trophy

Awarded for an outstanding contribution to aviation safety.

2021 Awarded to:  Tim Tucker

The Cumberbatch Trophy


In 1982 the founder of Robinson Helicopters, Frank Robinson, was delighted that a large proportion of sales were to pilots who had been taught on the R22 (his first design) and then decided to buy so they were in general very low hour pilots.  He had the foresight to realise that it was essential for the continuing success of his fledgling company building this relatively cheap machine, affordable to the many as opposed to the few, to ensure the pilots were properly trained both at the initial stage but just as importantly, on a continuing basis. 

TUCKER Tim CumberbatchTim Tucker purchased R22 s/n 003 for his helicopter flight school, and almost immediately Frank appointed him to start and then run until this present day, some 35 years later, the very well-regarded Robinson factory sponsored 4-day Safety Course; Tim has now had over 18,000 attendees on these courses.  His first overseas course was in 1992 in South Africa and since then he has run a further well in excess of 120 overseas courses, in 35 countries and 57 cities over the intervening years.  In the words of one UK editor/pilot, who has twice undertaken this course, “Tim has turned the course into the gold standard in the field.  He has a well-practised knack of hitting the nail on the head and making the ‘student’ think deeply about why you do what you do”.  The Executive Chairman of a major helicopter training and maintenance organisation is quoted as saying “Tim Tucker has probably done more for helicopter safety than any man alive.  He has mentored with compassion every junior pilot he has ever met”. 

In addition to his distinguished work with Robinson, Tim has authored many articles and books on safety too numerous to mention in this citation and has received several prestigious awards and four FAA Certificates of Recognition.  He has been instrumental in promoting the Vuichard technique for Vortex Ring recovery, a major cause of helicopter accidents. Over his 37 years with the US Army (active and reserve) he achieved a multitude of Awards and Decorations, and sits on the US Helicopter Safety Team Executive Committee.  The richness and depth of his ‘Tim Tucker’s Helicopter World’ website gives the reader an insight into the concepts and principles that Tim continues to expound.  He is a very deserving winner of the Cumberbatch Trophy.

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