The Cumberbatch Trophy

Awarded for an outstanding contribution to aviation safety.

2022 Awarded to:  Dr Ratan Khatwa

The Cumberbatch Trophy

Ratan Khatwa is an aerospace engineer who has dedicated over 30 years to improving flight safety in commercial and business aviation. His career has spanned several organizations where his numerous contributions to improved flight deck systems have enabled pilots to fly more safely and reliably.

After earning a Doctorate in Aeronautical Engineering (University of Bristol) Ratan joined the Royal Netherlands National Aerospace Laboratory for seven years, specializing in flight deck Human Factors (HF) assessments of terrain displays and take-off performance monitoring. He moved to Rockwell Collins in 1997 where he developed a HF design and certification process for business aviation flight decks and earned the President’s Award for his leadership of the Flight Safety Foundation’s Approach and Landing Accident Reduction effort. He was subsequently recruited by Don Bateman (“father” of GPWS) to join Honeywell Aerospace where he became a Senior Fellow and later Chief Engineer - Human Factors, overseeing HF design approval across Honeywell’s flight deck systems. He recently joined Boeing where he serves as the Chief Strategist and Designer for flight deck HF. 

Ratan has spent three decades as a global HF ambassador cultivating HF into all stages of avionics product development, successfully pioneering HF process excellence and driving the necessary organizational changes. He has taken key technologies from ideation through technology maturation into product development and successful certification of dozens of systems. His portfolio spans individual systems to integrated avionics solutions for Part 23, 25 & 29 flight decks. He has made significant contributions to the development of advanced flight KHATWA Ratandeck systems such as EGPWS, RDR 4000 Weather Radar, Synthetic Vision Systems, TCAS, Auto Pilot Coupled TCAS, CDTI, Runway Overrun Awareness and Alerting System, RAAS, Airport Moving Maps, Uplinked Weather, Touch Screen Controls, and Cursor Control Devices. At Honeywell he provided HF oversight and guidance for integrated flight deck systems on new aircraft including the Embraer E2, Gulfstream G500, Pilatus PC 24, and Falcon 10X and for avionics upgrades on the Airbus 300, Pilatus PC 12, Gulfstream G650 and the Leonardo AW 139 helicopter. He holds fifty patents covering alerting, display, navigation, surveillance, and flight path management functions that are implemented in existing systems. His accomplishments earned him the Honeywell Chairman’s Award and 5 Honeywell Tech Achievement Awards. 

In addition, Ratan has authored over 75 technical publications focusing on human-centred design of flight deck systems and landmark flight safety investigations that transformed global safety standards for addressing Controlled Flight Into Terrain (CFIT) and Approach & Landing Accident Reduction (ALAR). He is a Fellow of the Royal Aeronautical Society and currently Chair of the GAMA Flight Deck Human Factors Design & Certification Working Group, a member of the Flight Safety Foundation’s International Advisory Committee, the RTCA CEO HF Steering Committee, EUROCONTROL’s Global Action Team for the Prevention of Runway Excursions, and is past Chair of EASA’s Flight Deck Design & Certification Sub-Group.

Ratan has played a key role in leading global initiatives to define flight deck standards and shape flight safety priorities to benefit the entire industry and the flying public worldwide. No doubt his technological contributions have saved countless lives.  Dr Ratan Khatwa is therefore a very deserving recipient of the Cumberbatch Trophy.

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