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The Brackley Memorial Trophy

Awarded to an individual, a complete aircraft crew, or an organisation, for an outstanding contribution to air transport or transport aircraft operations.

(amended Terms of Reference 2019)


Brackley Memorial Trophy


2019:  British Airways Concorde Fleet


British Airways Concorde scheduled supersonic Flight Operations began on 21st January 1976 and lasted until October 24th, 2003. In that time the airline operated just under 50,000 supersonic flights and carried over two and a half million passengers. This was an extraordinary achievement by Flight and Cabin Crew, British Airways Concorde Engineering and BA Marketing and Sales staff. It was a product of continuing dedication and teamwork between these groups throughout the aircraft’s airline career.  The Concorde fleet also worked closely with the British Aircraft Corporation and with the Bristol aero engine division of Rolls Royce both of whom made an integral contribution by closely monitoring the operation of the aircraft and by providing solutions to any technical problems as they arose. This cooperation was so close that in 1984 British Airways bought the Concorde support business from the manufacturers!

The record of the aircraft throughout its airline history was one of consistent operational excellence delivered across periods of extreme economic uncertainty which also encompassed the enormous challenge of the return to service program.

Scheduled flights included operations to New York, Washington DC, Barbados, Bahrain and Singapore with numerous charters and Round the World Flights. Regular ‘Round the Bay’ operations were a f11 BA Concorde Fleet Brackley Memorial Trophyeature of the British Airways Concorde Fleet, enabling many more to experience flight at twice the speed of sound and at altitudes of sixty thousand feet on a return flight from and to London’s Heathrow Airport.

In the Fiftieth Anniversary Year of Concorde’s First Flight it is right to mark the enduring commitment of The British Airways Concorde Fleet who made this possible. Routine civilian flight operations at Mach Two were a hitherto unheard-of concept and the prior sole preserve of military aviators operating fighter aircraft.

Course length and the achievement and subsequent maintenance of the necessary operational standard were significant challenges of themselves before adding to that the many further demands faced by training and management pilots and flight engineers. Engineers were working with added systems that had few if any parallels in subsonic aircraft and which required unfailing reliability. Cabin Staff were dealing with some of the world’s most demanding and driven customers. Everyone who came to the Concorde operation had a passionate desire to be there and to deliver the routine excellence that was the hallmark of the Concorde Fleet.

For the extraordinary achievement of operating the world’s only supersonic airliner with safety and precision for over two and half decades of airline service, an outstanding contribution to air transport, the British Airways Concorde Fleet is awarded the Brackley Memorial Trophy.

The photograph reproduced below by kind permission of Past Master Captain Mike Bannister is very special - a gathering of the Concorde Family on the evening of the arrival of the last scheduled flight.


007 Concorde Family

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2019  British Airways Concorde Fleet