The Honourable Company of Air Pilots incorporating Air Navigators

The Glover Trophy

Awarded to the most meritorious student pilot graduating from a college or school of civil or military aviation.  Particular consideration will be given to the candidate’s progress during the course, including qualities of character, leadership, involvement in sport, recreation and voluntary service, in addition to flying and academic achievement.


2019 Awarded to:  Lieutenant Michael Plant RN

Determined to get the most from his time on Air Course 701 (Merlin Commando Ab Initio CTT/CTR), Lt Plant tackled this most demanding phase of his flying training with 014 Lt Mike Plant RN - Glovertotal dedication and enthusiasm.  He created a good first impression during ground school and subsequent examinations with an average score of 95%, demonstrating an excellent knowledge of aircraft systems and procedures.  His nascent flying ability was evident from the outset and he consistently produced impressive results across all disciplines resulting in a High Average (72%) overall assessment in the air. 

Always well prepared for sorties, he impressed every level of the Squadron with his ability to brief with confidence, regardless of how senior or large the audience.  In addition, he regularly found the capacity and time to assist other course members with preparation and planning, passing on the knowledge he gained from previous sorties.  His performance levels increased commensurate with the demands of the course.  This culminated in his final handling test, which saw him directly support 3 Cdo Bde on a high-tempo tactical field exercise.  He produced a polished display of captaincy and handling whilst leading a two-ship formation. 

A very capable and confident young officer, he rose to the challenges set and flourished under the intensity and additional pressure of the field exercise.  Awarded the ‘Westland’s Trophy’ for ‘best student’ on 28 Course Wings parade, Plant’s performance throughout the challenging training period was indicative of a very competent operator who possesses huge potential for the future.

Lieutenant Michael Plant is accordingly awarded the Glover Trophy.


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The Glover Trophy

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2019  Lieutenant Michael Plant RN