The Master's Commendation

Awarded for outstanding service in the air, at the discretion of the Master.

(amended Terms of Reference 2019)


2020 awarded to: Master Aircrew Tudor Haines


Masters Commendation Master Aircrew Tudor HainesMaster Aircrew Tudor Haines is an exceptionally experienced Crewman who has amassed over 5000 flying hours, notably across all three frontline Chinook Sqns. With his superb performance as Senior Crewman on two recent deployments of the Chinook to Mali against the backdrop of an outstanding Service history, he has proven himself to be a central pillar of the Chinook Force.

Haines joined the Chinook Force at the beginning of 2000 and was initially posted to 27 Sqn where he deployed to Bosnia, Norway, Northern Ireland, the Falkland Islands and Oman within his first 2 years. These early years highlighted an extremely committed, professional and talented young crewman who was destined for a distinguished career on the Chinook Force. Following a tour on Op JACANA and Op TELIC, Haines was selected to join 7 Sqn and fly in support of Special Forces (SF) operations in 2004.

During a relentless 13 years on 7 Sqn he has deployed to the Middle East on no less than six distinct and highly challenging tours of duties with the Special Forces. Haines’ list of operational achievements is almost matched by his impressive list of airborne qualifications.  He is a Crewman Trainer, an Air Gunnery Instructor, a Qualified Helicopter Tactics Instructor and is presently one of the very few Crew Served Weapons Assessors within the Joint Helicopter Command.  He has held the position of 7 (SF) Sqn Crewman Standards Officer, a Fast Rope Instructor, an Abseil Instructor, a VIP qualified crewman and a Flight Duty Authoriser. He continues to consistently set the highest of standards, leading from the front and working tirelessly to ensure his knowledge and enthusiasm moulds countless generations of junior crewmen.

2017 saw Haines promoted to MAcr and a posting to 18 (B) Sqn in Feb 18. Within his first year he was one of the first aircrew to deploy on Op NEWCOMBE iso French Allies within the Central Sahel, Africa and Apr 20 has seen Haines deploy again to this challenging theatre. This most recent deployment was especially challenging, as the UK witnessed the onset and peak of COVID-19. His steadfast commitment and leadership helped ensure this operational commitment was met on time and with the Flt in the best possible order.  His breadth of operational experience has been a key factor in the continued integration of the UK Force into a French Battle Group.  Working with unfamiliar aircraft types across a language barrier and exacerbated by strict COVID-19 restrictions, Haines’ leadership was essential. The speed and efficiency with which the UK personnel were able to safely deliver operational effect was directly related to his judgement and vast experience but most importantly his personal example and drive.

He has displayed unswerving commitment and provided immensely valuable service over the course of twenty years, and he continues to do so at the time of writing on Counter-Terror operations in Africa. He has inspired a whole generation of aircrew and has consistently set an example of excellence and dedication to all.  He is the very epitome of the dependable, capable SNCO that the Squadron looks to in times of strife and turbulence – and for his outstanding service in the air, is accordingly awarded the Master’s Commendation.



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