The Honourable Company of Air Pilots incorporating Air Navigators

The Sir Barnes Wallis Medal

Awarded in recognition of an exceptional and innovative contribution to aviation.


2018 awarded to:  Air Vice-Marshal Simon "Rocky" Rochelle OBE DFC RAF


In March 2017, AVM Simon ‘Rocky’ Rochelle initiated a paradigm shift in the application of air and space power. Seizing the initiative within Departmental underspend, Barnes Wallis Rochelledemonstrating ambition to begin a narrative that would continue through our next 100 years, and evidencing a peerless innovative approach, Rocky placed onto contract an earth observation small-satellite in one week. Some 8 short months later, the small-satellite was launched into low earth orbit and is now transmitting full motion video (a technical first) and colour imagery. In delivering what is now known as ‘Project Primus’, Rocky has transformed the Ministry of Defence’s space capability and standing across the space community.

Rocky’s innovative approach has been underpinned by unmatched energy, a willingness to take risk, empower subordinates, and an advocacy for disruptive thinking. Rocky’s vision to energise the RAF’s space ambition has inspired colleagues, industrialists and international partners and has necessitated Ministerial engagement, international stakeholder management, and the mentoring of Defence’s emerging space cadre.

Evidencing an altogether exceptional contribution to Air Power, and despite responsibility for a substantial portfolio, Rocky has successfully positioned Air as the 4* lead for space governance and himself as Senior Responsible Officer for the space capability. In doing so, he has developed a broad international stakeholder network, established Space-related Programme Boards and securing resources that will ensure this capability endures. Thinking wider, Rocky linked project PRIMUS with the requirement for an Enhanced Space Operation’s Centre.

Whilst ‘Project Primus’ was initiated to design, develop, deliver and operate a future warfighting constellation of small-satellites, the enhanced operations centre will fuse data from multiple sources and delivers warnings, forecasts and analysis to a variety of customers across Defence and other Government Departments. Under Rocky’s leadership, the space operations centre will become essential as Air Command moves to exploiting emerging space capabilities, including UK launch, and as understanding of our growing reliance on services delivered from and through space for all military activities spreads across Defence.

As a result of AVM Rocky Rochelle’s efforts, the Royal Air Force finds itself at the forefront of thinking on acquisition agility, disruptive thinking and innovation.  AVM Rocky Rochelle is accordingly recognised for his innovative approach and individual and exceptional contribution to aviation by the award of the Sir Barnes Wallis Medal.


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2018  Air Vice-Marshal Simon "Rocky" Rochelle OBE DFC RAF