The Honourable Company of Air Pilots incorporating Air Navigators

The Sir James Martin Award

Awarded to an individual, a group, team or organisation, which has made an outstanding, original and practical contribution leading to the safer operation of aircraft or the survival of aircrew or passengers.


2019 awarded to:  Lieutenant Jonathan Moore RN


A Qualified Helicopter Instructor (QHI) in the Royal Navy, whose main duties are both time consuming and highly demanding, Lieutenant Jonathan Moore has been exceptional in his secondary role as the Commando Merlin Force Survival Officer over a six-year period and has unilaterally contributed to the safer operation of aircraft and aircrew survival.

Preparing Commando Helicopter Force for the transition of Merlin Mk3 from the Royal Air Force, he ensured the seamless transfer of vital survival equipment and operating procedures, maintaining operational effectiveness between Services. As 846 Naval Air Squadron (NAS) relocated from Royal Air Force (RAF) Benson to Royal Navy Air Station (RNAS) Yeovilton, Moore was key to establishing the Survival Equipment area of the new Squadron building, ensuring all aircrew had access to all the required Survival Equipment. The new site functioned flawlessly with new Survival Equipment stowage and Survival Equipment procedures being implemented, these high standards were noted as ‘exceptional’ by two formal Naval Flying Standards Flight (NFSF) visits to the Squadron with Moore being named as an ‘exceptional performer’ by the NFSF team.

With a new requirement to field Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear (CBRN) equipment, Moore was instrumental in the integration of the Aircrew Protection 012 Lt Jonathan Moore RN - Sir James MartinEquipment and Detection system into the Merlin Mk3. An essential capability for high priority UK tasks, and a growing capability for contingent operations, Lieutenant Moore took ownership from its inception. From creating the Statement of User Requirement (SUR) to the facilitation of the delivery of stowages, he maintained ownership throughout, engaging with Project Teams and international companies to enhance the capability, performing significantly beyond his terms of reference. Designing the training documentation and evolving the practical training unilaterally, he became the subject matter expert for RNAS Yeovilton and supported other platform types as they have introduced their equipment.

Acquiring and issuing personal helmets with improved lighting for Line Personnel, he significantly enhanced the conspicuity and therefore safety of individuals marshalling aircraft at night on dispersal. Seeking funding and liaising with commercial companies as well as the Fleet Innovation Team, he ran his own set of trials in different locations, including on board Royal Fleet Auxiliary (RFA) Argus.  His research and innovation resulted in a practical and cost-efficient solution which was delivered across Commando Helicopter Force and subsequently put forward for use in the Queen Elizabeth Class (QEC) aircraft carriers.

Lieutenant Moore has achieved all this activity whilst conducting his main flying duties to a very high standard. Acting as the aircraft commander during a sortie to transfer a young girl who was suffering from appendicitis, he airlifted her from Dartmoor to hospital and resultantly helped save her life. A true professional in the air yet dedicated on the ground to improving the safe operation of aircraft and the survival of aircrew, he is a thoroughly deserving recipient of the Sir James Martin Award.


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